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Charlie Puth Live in Manila 2016 (Videos Included)

Charlie Puth was back in Manila for the Nine Track Mind album concert tour last August 14, 2016 at the Kia theater. 

Other than Instagram and Twitter shares, let me further share the experience through some videos I was able to record. Watch only if you're okay with ghastly images. My best wasn't good enough during recording and my phone was no match against the venue's lighting despite video editing enhancements. Row 15 seems so near but still so far. 

Here's a playlist I made from all videos of performances I was able to record.

And here are photos from the event:

My Personal Experience

With all the important aspects shared now, if you still want to continue reading, particularly some boring narrative of my personal experience, feel free to read on.

Tickets Sold out Fast

So to start with, I heard (or rather read) about the concert too late. All tickets were already sold so I just hoped (and posted) for a possible day two of the event on Charlie Puth's Facebook page. Fortunately, someone had an extra ticket because she can no longer attend the show (conflict with personal stuff, rushed wedding and honeymoon). Her other ticket was already sold with an additional price on top of the original fee. We all just communicated over Facebook. 

My husband protested due to the nature by which the tickets were offered but was actually the one who met with the seller when I retreated to sleep, quite pissed. Happy wife, happy life so he says.

On Ticket Scalpers

Technically the ticket holder wasn't a scalper but she still earned a profit after selling the tickets. The first person who purchased the other half of the pair (ticket) offered me a closer seat days after. But I ended up with the original row. I don't ever plan on going through the same dilemma again (with resold tickets) in the future.

Early for Everything

I slept early (err.. because it was already morning) and woke up about four hours later. I also traveled early (about 3 and a half hours before the show). It was like opposite ends of Metro Manila (south to north). I wanted to show up early so I can contact Ms. original ticket owner in case something goes wrong. Yes, sorry, paranoid much I know.

Destination reached about an hour later, thanks to GrabCar which incidentally had a weekend promo that day. Discount was from 390 pesos down to 195 only.

Long Lines

The file of people waiting was long outside Araneta Center when I joined. I was excited (of course) but was also preparing for a resolution in case something comes up with the ticket. Thank God I got in after about two hours on the lengthy line. I even forgot how I was also earlier appalled when my favorite blouse was missing, not that it's significant to mention.

From Young to Old

Charlie's fans expanded from young to old. I've seen kids as young as eight years old to as old as in their 50's. Some parents have also chaperoned their kids. 

Katz Lee Opened the Show

I'm not familiar with the local club scene but a DJ, Katz Lee opened the show before 8PM. I enjoyed her beats.

Finally... Charlie!

It was almost 8:30 (I think) when it was finally Charlie on stage. He performed about 13 songs if my counting was right. The show was over after about an hour, which is somewhat what I predicted too.

The song list mostly comprised of the tracks from the Nine Track Mind album. My personal favorites include Losing My Mind, Up All Night, and Then There's You. He also performed a cover (John Mayer's Edge of Desire) along with songs he popularized - Marvin Gaye, One Call Away, We Don't Talk Anymore (duet with Selena Gomez whom he doesn't talk with anymore - that's another story worth featuring), and the epic See You Again which was featured in Furious 7 which catapulted him to fame. 

Post Show Problems

While I saved on cab on the way to the event, it was so much hassle going home commuting. I waited for the crowd to disperse to lessen the wave of viewers also going home. Thank God for the 24/7 Pizza Hut place right outside the venue, got me a takeout meal while others took shelter there, probably famished since afternoon. 

The demand was high for cabs that time so even Grab fares were enormous. GrabTaxis were everywhere but they're not picking up my booking. When I closed the app and tried Uber, one Grab taxi showed up. He eventually left and cancelled cause I have no idea what's going on, quite tired. In Filipino, we call lutang mode.  

Uber charged me 100 pesos for not showing up on the pick up route. I wonder why I even chose the UberHop route when the pickup location was far. 

I ended up with a GrabCar and paid 877 pesos. I even went with the Skyway route but it wasn't traffic at all past 11 PM! The guy cancelled the booking after getting my fare. I know that style so I reported him. 

Hang Over Days After

Days after the show, I still have a hang over (replaying the songs over my head all day long) despite all the issues beforehand. 

Thanks for the superb show Charlie Puth and team! Please come back! 

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