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Lazy Bastard Crafts Limited Edition ‘Chicago Dog’ for Saucony Originals

When you talk about comfort food, you think about grubs that make you feel like you’re right at home, and Lazy Bastard promises to offer this experience. If you’re looking for a great way to quench your greasy cravings, then make this Makati-based food joint your next destination.

Lazy Bastard

The joint’s recent partnership with international footwear brand Saucony Originals has paved the way to the creation of their newest limited edition offering, the “Chicago Dog” in line with the latter’s latest release of its ‘Chicago Dog’ Jazz Original.

Chicago Dog

“Our limited edition “Chicago Dog” is an all-beef hotdog on a buttery potato roll, topped with tomato wedges, chopped onions, dill pickle spears, and mustard,” described Lazy Bastard’s Marketing Manager Bea Camille Santos.

This limited edition ‘Chicago Dog’ will be available at Lazy Bastard for the month of June. For every purchase of the Chicago Dog flavor, foodies will be getting a P500 discount on Saucony ‘Chicago Dog’ Jazz Original.

Saucony Originals

“The opportunity presented by Lazy Bastard's partnership with Saucony Originals couldn't have come at a better time. Along with Lazy Bastard's planned franchise expansion is our desire to diversify the menu. The Chicago Dog perfectly captures this move forward, with its quirky combination of ingredients coming together to deliver a burst of excitement to customers hungry for something original. And yeah, that goes for both our hotdog sandwich and Saucony's zesty new shoe design,” she added.


Saucony Originals

Located at Makati City and soon opening a new branch in UP Town Center, Lazy Bastard raises the bar in Manila’s late-night grub scene with its specialty premium burgers, fries, and hotdogs served with a ridiculous twist. Lazy Bastard is run by managing owner Patrick Cuartero along with mixologist Lee Watson to address the growing market of late night food cravers. With Lazy Bastard’s strategic location in the metro, it serves as a friendly neighborhood food joint for everyone nearby or anyone who happens to pass by.

For more information about Saucony Originals’ Chicago Dog Jazz Original, please visit @sauconyoriginalsph.

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