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It's All about the Horsepower!

Every car enthusiast out there knows just how much horsepower matters. In some cases, it could even be said that horsepower is the metric unit for fun. The more, the merrier. While some people believe that the only thing that determines the horsepower of your car is your budget, there are some inexpensive ways to increase it.  Here are some of those methods.

Use Synthetic Lubricants

First of all, you can try to increase your engine’s horsepower by using quality synthetic lubricants. This kind of oil is specifically synthesized to reduce friction in moving parts of the engine and make it overperform. They’re also much less likely to break down in high heat situations and they also do well in low temperatures which makes them suitable for driving in extreme conditions.

Reduce Friction

Of course, using synthetic lubricants is not the only way to reduce friction in your engine. These few next steps, however, might require some basic mechanical skills. By installing roller tappet camshaft, roller rocker arms, dual-roller timing set or even low tension piston rings, one can easily reduce friction in the engine. However, nothing in the world is free and while with these low-friction components you gain horsepower, you sacrifice some of the durability.

Larger Size Fuel Line

If you know your engine should pull a lot more than it does and it still underperforms, it might be that your fuel lines are too tight. The more powerful the engine the more fuel it will need and if you are always short on the fuel supply, you will never come to see it live up to its full potential. Even though this is not an exact science, if you want your engine to develop 500 horsepower, what you need is at least a 7/16-inch fuel line.

Right Cylinder Head Size

Next, thing you need to worry about is the cylinder size and here you should not always go with the bigger one. What you need is to both look at valve and port size and make your decision based on that. In other words, what matters the most is a nice flow-through momentum, but making this happen while still increasing your overall horsepower is in no way easy.

Cat-back Exhaust

As you might have guessed, your car exhaust can play a major role when it comes to your horsepower. Inadequate exhaust system can suffocate your engine, thus forcing it to critically underperform. Straightening the pipes from the catalyst to the back of the car is quite likely to loosen up the entire system. The thing about cat-back exhaust system is that it helps push out gasses much quicker, which also means that there will be more room for fuel and air in the engine at all times. The reason why so many people avoided catalysts in the first place was because they found them to be too restrictive. Fortunately, this is no longer the case with the latest models.

Heat Wrapping the Exhaust Pipe

Another simple law of physics claims that the more heath always means more power. Well, when it comes to your exhaust pipe this is definitely one of the approaches you could take. One simply needs to use a simple heat wrapper and tie it closely around the exhaust pipe to increase its internal heath. As simple and inexpensive as it sounds. However, this is not the only reason to use heat wrap. According to people behind Cobra Sport Australia, some also use their heat wraps to hide damage on the exhaust or simply as a decoration.

Even Tires Matter

Finally, even what you do with your tires matters and by swapping out the regular tires for shorter ones will increase your car’s acceleration. However, there are two drawbacks to this method, one of which can be considered as minor. First of all, this may cause your speedometer to read incorrectly, which although not that serious of an issue can, at times, cause some trouble with the law enforcement. Second, these short tires will also require lighter wheels, and going overboard to buy carbon-fiber wheels can cost an arm and a leg.


As you can see, where there is will, there is always a way, and if you aim to make your car more powerful you most definitely can. Still, you must keep in mind that there is always a price to be paid. Sometimes this price is monetary, and sometimes it is the durability of your car. All in all, you are the only person that can decide on whether this is the right decision or not, since it’s your car that we’re talking about.

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