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Twisted Light - Internet Speed Gets a Significant Boost

Fiber Optic Cable
As we all know, optic fiber technology is the future of the internet connection. Not only will it allow faster internet speeds and higher level of security but also simplify the whole data transfer process. However, in order for all of this to work out, fiber alone is not enough. What you also need is to increase the number of encoded information that you send through it and the way to capture and monitor it all. Now, optic fiber operates on features of light and here things like brightness, color, polarization and even the direction of propagation play a crucial role. On these principles, Twisted Light can significantly increase the speed of internet as we know it.

Integrated Photonic Chip to the Rescue

The thing about light traveling through the optic fiber is that it is not moving in the straight line. Try to imagine a line leading from one point to another. Well, the light is not moving on the line, but rotating around it towards its goal. This is what is commonly referred to as the angular momentum. Now, the biggest problem here is detecting the twist of light on the optic fiber. This is where integrated photonic chip comes in big. This tiny nanoscale structure of helical shape is specially designed not only to detect any twists of light that passes and in this way, but to manipulate it as well.
Fact that this structure is helical also means that it can fit in the fiber just naturally, without the need to add to it anything that might interfere with it. The greatest advantage of this kind of monitoring is that it functions with unparalleled precision, making the loss of data in the process almost inexistent. Finally, with its help, there would no longer be a restriction to a small number of signals going through the fiber at the same time. This alone would be more than enough to make a significant difference in your internet speed and efficiency.
Photonic chip
The Future Is Here
Sure, a theory of such an instrument like integrated photonic chip has existed for quite some time now and the only reason why it wasn’t made sooner was because we lacked adequate nanofabrication technology. Today however, we are on the verge of the new age and this simple technical issue no longer seems to pose an obstacle. Things that required so much work and complication like transmission and retrieval of images, videos and sounds could with help of this technology become something quite simple.
The future of internet connection

Greater Speed

Now, when we say that this technology could make internet better what we have in mind are several things. First of all, the speed would increase many times over. Not only does the fiber allow the better flow of information, but as we mentioned it allows numerous transactions at the same time. Only when all of this is taken into consideration can the full scale of this change’s magnitude be completely understood. As for the speed itself, this is the absolutely simplest thing to check and any mobile speed test could demonstrate you just how much difference this makes.

Higher Quality
Still, speed is not everything and this leap forward could also make some other things possible like for example, ultra-high definition displays and ultra-high capacity optical communications. Of course, the security is one of the most important things here and this technology could also make ultra-secure optical encryption possible. The best thing is that all of this is still no more than a tip of an iceberg of all the advancements and possibilities that this technological revolution can open up for us.
As you can see, with this simple idea, internet can be changed forever and with it our lives as well. Some may think that this is an exaggeration, but it is not necessarily so. When you take into account the importance of social networks for our private lives, significance of internet in present day communication and of course the fact that a lot of people need internet for work what you get is its real (or at least approximate value). With this in mind, this simple invention could very well be remembered as the steam machine or printing press of our century.

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