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Stupid is Forever and Stupid is Forevermore: the Miriam Magic before the 2016 Presidential Elections

After several weeks of reading just a chapter or several pages (whenever opportunity arises due to free time or lack of Internet), I finally got to finish Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago's books Stupid is Forever and Stupid is Forevermore just in time before the 2016 Presidential Elections

Stupid is Forever and Stupid is Forevermore

Both books are living testaments that MDS is indeed one of the most brilliant Filipino (if not the best) there ever was or will. She can effortlessly switch from being professionally serious to humorous because both embodies wit. Whose to say that comedians are dumb when preparing lines are as mind boggling as writing serious speeches? 

Although her illness is quite evident because some of her more recent speeches were lacking the usual Miriam vibe to it, she still resonates the same magic we have loved her for all these years. The last leg of the #PiliPinas2016 debates also showed how much she struggled - dead air, blank stare and the like but she was still able to clearly deliver what her political platform is all about. 

But will it be enough for her to win? One of our colleagues in this blog wrote a piece about her candidacy, see Is It Third Time Unlucky for Miriam? It talks about her brilliance as a public servant yet doubts if she can pull it off due to her sickness. 

At the end of both books mentioned above, some believe (international news agencies to be exact) that MDS won the 1992 elections but was cheated. Many also believe she did not run to win this time in the same manner as the second attempt. We can only guess and we'll soon find out by May 9.

As for the books, I had a good, err... hysterical laugh specially due to the political jokes. But above all, I appreciate her philosophical views in life and its meaning or lack thereof. There has never been a better timing for me to read that part when she exclaimed how life sometimes have no meaning at all yet we have an option to create that meaning for ourselves. 

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