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Never Bitin with Eng Bee Tin

Eng Bee Tin tikoy
Yes, the title sounds really lousy. But the product is definitely not. 

Eng Bee Tin has been a household name when it comes to Chinese delicacy since 1912, when it was first established. 

Eng Bee Tin Tikoy

This brand offers one of the most in demand products during Chinese New Year, the tikoy or niangao (nin gou in Cantonese). It is a new year cake that is often served fried after dipping it in beaten eggs. 

Eng Bee Tin Hopia

Other than tikoy, Eng Bee Tin is also popular for hopia, another Chinese influenced goodie. In Indonesia, it's called bakpia. These are sweet rolls filled with mung beans. 

Over the years, the filling had evolved and more varieties have soon been added. Some of which include red beans, buko pandan and ube with several variations (paired with another sweet), i.e. ube/langka, ube/macapuno, ube/queso, and ube/pastillas. It's quite obvious that I'm an ube fan that I just had to buy all ube types and try them all. There are more flavors available other than these by the way.

Eng Bee Tin Hopia

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