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My Grade Schooler on YouTube with Minecraft

So apparently, Minecraft is such a big hit among those who find common interest in both gaming and YouTube streaming. It is popular even amongst the young; as young as toddlers. 

Grade Schooler on YouTube with Minecraft

I am not a heavy gamer and I only play basic app games so I didn't know. But my grade schooler is very involved in both worlds - Minecraft and YouTube. I am always dumbfounded when I see her play the game because I hardly understand a thing. 

She had been using tablets since she was around three (not my idea) and had enjoying Minecraft since she was six years old. She had also subscribed to over hundreds of YouTube channels (through her dad's account), a majority of which are dedicated for this seemingly addicting game. Other channels she watches produce videos about other games or gaming in general, food, animals, and funny clips. 

Regardless of the video she watches, I can hear her commentaries as if she's a pro. The same applies when she's playing Minecraft on a desktop, a tablet, or a phone. So one day, I thought of filming her on my phone's camera and uploading the videos on YouTube. 

Here is one of those videos:

More of her Minecraft videos here:

And this is her own channel:

But she's a very shy one and doesn't really like it when I record her playing. She's more actively making side comments spontaneously when no one's watching. 

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