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How to Find an Instagram Picture's URL

There has to be an easier way to use the URL from an Instagram photo for your posts through a blog or social media profile other than downloading the image from IG and uploading it all over again through wherever you plan to repost it. Yes, there is!

How to Find an Instagram Picture URL

1. Simply visit the URL of the actual image in Instagram, such as this to show an example:

2. Right click anywhere on the image and then choose the option for View Page Source when using Google Chrome. The option may slightly vary for other browsers. 

3. On the source page, find lines with the image extension used; it's often .jpg. The ctrl+F function will make it easier to locate the image URL. 

4. It may generate several results but in most cases, the first image link is the one you're looking for such as in the picture I used for this post. 

5. There's no need to copy the entire URL for reposting. You can stop at the end of .jpg.

Post away!

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