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Hits and Misses of Maja In Love: An Album Review

Maja In Love

In her previous album, she gave us catchy ditties.  Who would ever forget the line “Ako’y kinikilig” which was exploited heavily by Aldub loveteam?  So, how does this new album from her fare? To sum it up there are few hits and some misses.

The Hits

Maja opted to go middle of the road.  She followed the same formula with her first album.  As a result, you have songs that have familiar refrains and even vocal qualities.  You can say that many of her tracks sounded like tracks from Debbie Gibson or any other female one hit wonders at that time. It was indeed a good trick on her part to merge several genres like light pop tracks with R and B vibes.  It makes tracks like ‘Habulan” and “Nakawin ang Sandali” very sexy tracks from her.  It is also a good strategy on her part to do duets not only that it will give better commercial appeal but also with limited vocal ability, she needs a partner to make the song more pleasurable to listen.  Vocally, she sounded like Ellie Goulding in tracks like ‘Love Me, Kill Me” and “Bakit Ganito Ang Pag-ibig.”

The Misses

She tried to play it safe and followed the same formula with that of her first album.  As a consequence, you have an album that pales in comparison.  There is no track in this album that will stand the test of time or at least have lyrical lines that will linger in the minds of Pinoy listeners the way “Ako’y kinikilig” delighted them.  Another miss is that, the album is full of trite lyrics. Perhaps she should hire better songwriters.  While the song “Hiling” manage to rise up but somehow the whole synth affair with the track ended up this song sounded like an old Depeche Mode track.  “Love Me, Kill Me” is both a hit and miss; it is good she managed to put an Ellie Goulding stamp in this record but it is not good that the song sounded like Ellie’s “Love Me Like You Do.”

Overall the whole album has shades of being a run of the mill album.  There are high expectations with this album considering that her first album was quite satisfactory. This situation can only be described as suffering from “sophomore syndrome.” It is a situation where the second album of an artist is neither here nor there in terms of musical quality. It fails to surpass the first album.

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