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Globe Text Scam and Spam

My new Globe number is not even six months old and there are only a handful of people which knows it yet I have already received countless text scam and spam. 

At first, I exerted efforts to report the messages through the Globe Scam or Spam Message Report page, but I eventually got tired of it so I just simply ignored the texts. I also block the number or place my phone on airplane mode just in case they send a followup SMS or even call after. 

I also made a Pinterest board where I posted past and will pin future screenshots. See Globe Text Scam and Spam.

Globe Text Scam and Spam

As for the messages, the pattern is almost always the same. It is sent from a Sun mobile number and the offer is outrageous although sadly, some people fall for this sh*t; for the lack of a better word to describe it. 

I'm assuming that the SMS were sent from Sun since the Globe report page will only block numbers from their network (if they ever do so). Plus, there are affordable send-to-all network promos from Sun as the TU200 which I used to subscribe to in the past when I still had a Sun mobile number. TU200 offers 1000 SMS to other networks, good for 30 days.

The SMS style are often similar and may be something new to some. Out with the old sent from a roaming number of a pretending relative abroad style, here comes new techniques:

  • Your postpaid plan was charged for some sort of use for something and to cancel the charges, send a code (like 300) to a certain number followed by a reply of YES and so on. 
Note that the prefix 2 followed by a local Globe number is a code for share-a-load. 

  • Your line is deactivated and to activate it again... same pattern as above.
  • You received a load from some number. But they will text again stating they made a mistake and ask you to send the money back. 
I actually read about that modus through the Reddit community before I even received a similar text. 

While the other messages may not be a scam but they are still a spam per se and are sending unsolicited texts. Spam or not, the offers are also similarly unbelievable such as up to 2 million worth of non-collateral loan. 

So beware and be aware Globe users!

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