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Crime Prevention Tips For Every Filipino: Part I

Other than change, crime is also one of the permanent things in this world.  You cannot get rid of it even if government will put in place rigid laws and deterring activities.  What humans can do is to perform crime prevention tactics in order to keep them safe and secure always.  In the Philippines alone, quite a number of provinces and cities have posted double digit crime index rate and this is an alarming situation for many Filipinos.  There are lots of things that every Filipino can do when it comes to prevention.

Crime Prevention Tips For Every Filipino
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It Starts In Your House 

In many instances, crime happens because we allow it and it seems that our behaviors and attitudes inside our homes invite crime to occur in the family.  For example, how often have you welcome strangers inside your homes or talk with them at the gate?  Yes, when we take for granted safety and security in our homes we are prone to be a potential victim of crime.  Here’s how you avoid crime inside your house.
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  1. First of you need to burglar proof your home.  Buy sturdy locks, install CCTV cameras, repair gaps and holes, and among others. In addition, ensure that locks and other security paraphernalia are in working condition.
  2. Secure your belongings properly and hide it away from possible areas where burglars might detect you hide these. 
  3. Be sensitive with suspicious person lurking in your front yard or any suspicious activities and report it to authorities immediately.
  4. Always make it your habit to secure locks, close windows, and other entry points closed and locked every night. 
  5. Trim obstructing objects like trees so as not to provide burglars a convenient stairway to your houses.  You should maintain an open view of your house as thieves love to hide behind overgrown bushes and tall trees and fences. 
  6. Keep your yard, porches, and any other entrances of your house well lighted.  Dark surrounding is an invitation to crime. 
  7. Keep valuables in the bank do not hide them inside your house. Store your other valuables like outdoor gears and equipment properly and don’t leave them outside of your house as these are prone to be stolen.
  8. Cover your house with drapes and curtains so that people from the outside will not see what is inside.  
  9. It is highly recommended that you give each member of the household individual keys to your house instead of hiding it under a flower pot or a place mat.
  10. Always ask a neighbor or a relative or a person you can trust to look for your house when going away on a prolong vacation.
To Prevent Crime is to Get Involved in the Community

No man is an island and your neighbors come in handy when it comes to crime prevention.  However, you also need to take part and perform your duties with regard to crime prevention.  Some of the things that you can do are as follows:
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  1. Be familiar with your neighbors and all those residing in their individual homes.  Filipino homes usually have other family members, friends, and relatives living together in one roof. 
  2. You can organize a “barangay tanod” brigade or a street watch in your neighborhood.
  3. Communicate with your neighbors by exchange telephone numbers and listing members of the household. This will come in handy when you notice something different while they are away and you can contact them immediately.
  4. It takes two to tango thus, do not refuse when a neighbor ask you to watch their homes as the favor will be repaid when it is time for you to do so.
  5. Attend neighborhood meetings to get updates on what is happening around. 
What to Do When You Are Under Threat

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When you hear suspicious movements and sounds inside your home, try to be as quiet as possible as you do not want to drive the robbers attention to you.  Remember that thieves are more interested with properties to steal instead of attacking or harming people.  Here’s a list of things to do when this thing happens.

  1. You may open the lights and make noise to scare away the thieves. 
  2. If you see that they have just broken in, do not try to go after them instead get out quietly and call the police for immediate assistance.
  3. Always remain calm as robbers would tend to go violent when confronted.
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  5. If you choose to confront them, try talking with them to delay them while waiting for the police. You can also take note of certain peculiarities and marks with them like tattoos, moles, speech and physical mannerisms, physical defects, and other solid descriptions that will come in handy during the investigation. 

These are just basic things that you should know but it is indeed helpful that you should keep these ideas in mind as you do not have the ability to predict when crime will happen to you.  The least that you can do is prevent it; and to prevent it is not to invite it or make yourself an obvious target for crime. It pays to be safe always.

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