Top 10 Summer Hairstyle Ideas for a Drastic Hair Makeover |

Top 10 Summer Hairstyle Ideas for a Drastic Hair Makeover

The thing is- I love experimenting with my hair! I am into trying out different haircuts and styling usually 2 to 4x a year. Maybe because I am an on-the go mother who constantly find myself caught with a lot of things in my plate so I need to have a haircut that can be managed so quickly, or maybe because I am past the usual long straight hairstyle and would rather do something new and exciting once in a while, or whenever I feel stressed and would like to feel good, I end up with a new hairdo. That’s me with my hair.

experimenting with my hair (these are my successive hairstyles from November, 2015 up-to-date)

The fact is, having a haircut is not only for convenience, but the cut itself is a great leap of change. If you’re done with your usual hairstyle and would like to make a change then a great haircut is the first step. A small change can create a huge impact with the way you view yourself. For some people (me included) cutting your mane is a symbol of a fresh start for personal growth. So if you are into something new and exciting this summer then rock a new hairdo!

Summer is always the best season to have a new haircut obviously because it is so hot and humid that having a long and heavy ton of hair sometimes can be so uncomfortable. By opting to cut your hair or indulging into a new hairstyle, it gives you a lightweight feeling, making it easier to manage and maintain.

You can do extreme hair makeovers like having a cute pixie or bob, or maybe cut it in a medium-length with side bangs, go into layered cuts, be bluntly razored, reward yourself with curls and waves or simply have a new hair color.

Here are the top 10 most up-to-date, versatile cuts and hairstyle ideas for that long overdue hair makeover that you have been planning for, that you can choose from:

Pixie Mohawk

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One of the newest trends of the classic pixie is a twist of mohawk. The mohawk style has becoming a popular choice in the fashion world for women. Pixie cut is the best hairstyle for summer and adding it with mohawk style can make you look edgier. So if you feel like doing a drastic change especially if you are always in a long hairstyle all your life, let go girl, and try this exciting trendy hairstyle!

The Undercut

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Another trendy hairstyle that is so popular this year is the undercut. It is a type of haircut for which one or both temple areas will be cut very short or even shaven. It can also be the “half and half style” which means half of your head is shaved, and half has hair.

What’s great about it is it can be done in a short, medium-length or long hair and it doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy or naturally curly mane.

If you have daring personality and would like to try something extreme then undercut is a fantastic choice for a more oomph factor.

Cute Bobs

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Bob hairstyles never run out of fashion. You can never go wrong with bobs. It is one if not the most versatile and unquestionably one of the favorite hairstyles of women all around the globe.

Bob haircut is for different face shapes, hair textures and it fits all ages. You can go from inverted bob, mother’s bob, chin-length bob, classic bob, curly bob, layered bob, choppy bob, angled bob and a lot more! And it keeps on evolving through the years. 

Layered Cuts

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If you want a more dramatic and romantic cut then layered hairstyle is an awesome choice. This is a type of haircut that emanates a fun, feminine and free-spirited impression which is great not only for summer but all throughout the year.

The fun fact is: a layered cut becomes more interesting when it has more than one layer. The more attractive shattered shapes and the sharper the layers, the more it becomes so versatile.

There are different layered haircuts that you can choose from based on your personal style. It can be a short layered cut; medium-length aand even for long hair. This versatile hairstyle requires a little fusing and volumizing to achieve a tousled sexy effect.

Bluntly Razored

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Hairdressers use razor tool to cut the hair in different angles to create awesome jagged, pointy or spiky edges. Blunty razored hairstyle works great if you prefer a soft yet pointy looking, smooth layered straight-style that shapes or frames your face.

This type of hairstyle often is recommended for straight/ ironed hair to moderately wavy hair. This isn’t really recommended if you have tightly coiled hair, curly hair, and African-American hair types because it only gives a frizzy, unmanageable outcome.

Color-It- Whatever!

If you are not comfortable just letting go of your hairstyle then you still can do something drastic about it by changing the color. Try to experiment with colors this summer.

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You can consult first with your hair colorist for the best color that brings out the best in you.  Nevertheless, if you are the type of person who loves to defy the “by-the-book” rule then break the monotony and go with the newest hair color trends.

2016 is an exciting year for over-the top hair colors like: pastel hues, rainbow hair, rainbow bangs, bright monotone colors (pink, moss-green, midnight blue, violet and orange) dip dyes, gray highlights, ronze (combination of copper red and bronze brown), baby lights (the technique of applying very fine strands of color throughout the hair with plastic wrap or meche to make the hair multi-dimensional) blue tints, and eggplant shades

Or if you want to stay safe and go classic then you can opt for platinum blonde, blonde highlights, copper, honey brown, brown, dark brown, ash brown, black and many more.

Mid-Length Haircut

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If you are torn between going short or staying long, then mid-length hairstyle is the best choice for you this summer. It is a hairstyle that is always on trend, it is easily managed, and it has sense of ease and flexibility not to mention its versatility. Mid-length haircut can make you look younger and quirkier.

You can choose from shags, layered cut, mid-length with a side bangs, razored, mid-length bobs and romantic curls or wavy styles. It looks great on summer especially if you are donning a summer dress or tube dress or with those light-weight shirts and chic shorts.

Textured and Volumized

For those with thin hair and baby fine hair, this is highly-recommended. Fine hairs sometimes can make your hair look dull and flat, so with these gorgeous hairstyles it gives additional volume and fantastic thicker texture. One way of adding volume to your hairdo is to tease it underneath, just be careful to avoid breakage.

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Aside from teasing it, putting volumizing hair products can definitely enhance it.

Clean Straight Cuts

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Straight hair looks absolutely fantastic when cut is at shoulder-length and with romantic side bangs during Summer. This is a good choice if you want your hair to just have a single equal layer, fuss-free, simple and chic. It gives you a feminine and romantic vibe and it is very easy to manage. Plus, it maintains your straight hair until it grows longer again after the dreadful Summer heat.

Curls and Beach Waves

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Loose, natural beachy waves are so great especially if you are an outdoor person who loves to go to the beach and engage into exciting and fun outdoor activities. Curls and beachy waves look good on whatever outfit and you can do it even if you have a short bob, a medium-length haircut or long hair. You can have your main digitally permed or cold-permed for a more permanent result or curl your hair with several techniques to achieve those undone, loose summer waves.

Long curly or beach waves is a sexy hairstyle although just be careful about the added weight trapping the sweat, oil and the heat which often leads to itchy scalp or dandruff. But if you can bear with it and rather sport this gorgeous beach waves, then up you go!

Having a new haircut boosts more confidence. If you are still unsure, here are seven tips that you can do before visiting a salon:

1.   Decide what you think is the best haircut that you want to have. The great news is, there are thousands of sources online that you can avail, not to mention magazines and newspapers that show pictures and images of famous celebrities and other people alike for which you can use as a reference.

2.  Before I visit the salon, I always narrow down the look that I want to achieve. So I save images of the front, side, and the back side in order for my hairstylist to have a clearer understanding of what I want. Visuals and pictures are very effective for you to avoid wrong haircut which can be pretty depressing at the end.

3.  Do your research first. There are lots of salons in your area promising great hair services but before you storm by mere gut-feeling, back it with facts. You can start by accessing websites like Yelp and Citysearch that show all the featured salons in your area, where you can see their actual ratings through the quality of their services and performance from real-life experiences of their customers. If not, you can stalk their Facebook fanpages also to engage with customers who had been there. The better positive reviews, of couse-the better!

4. Always seek for professional help. Hairstylists, hair colorists and hairdressers are all trained to help and work with customers--- so don’t hesitate to talk to them first what you want to happen, what you are expecting and they will tell you honestly if that suits you and provide alternatives so you would meet halfway before the actual cut.

5.   As a head’s up, it is very rare that a hairstylist will come up with the same exact haircut that you want to achieve. Sometimes it is close to it. But the thing is, just rock it out! Experiment with how you want to style it and don’t just stick to one look. I love checking Pinterest, Google, Instagram and Youtube because they give me ample choices on how to be creative with my current hairstyle. Feel free to personalize the styling.

6.   Also, don’t choose a haircut just because it is a hot trend. Always think first if that fits your personality or if you will be able to give life and justify it, to avoid mistakes in the end. Plan ahead as well if that “look” that you want will work great with your wardrobe, else…a wardrobe overhaul follows.

7.   This is what I usually tell myself when I am already in the actual seat and my hairstylist is snip, snapping my mane “my hair will look just fine and if it ain’t, well, my hair grows back”. And that normally works for me. Thankfully, I haven’t yet encountered a bad haircut or maybe I did on several instances (I simply can't recall) but even if it turned out to be a disaster, I still use it to my advantage and make it work for me instead!!

Change is a vital step towards a healthier lifestyle, so if your life has been pretty stagnant lately, you ought to do something exciting and bold about that! Cutting your hair is a huge decision to make, but sometimes it really has to be done! So- be inspired, and let go.

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