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The Next President of The Philippines Is?

Not since 1986 Snap Election that Filipinos were more participative when it comes to presidential elections.  The emotion put by every Filipinos giving their unwavering support to their preferred candidate is so difficult to describe. Probably, because none among the candidates has the edge when it comes winning.  While current surveys showed that Duterte is now in the lead after trailing for several months, it doesn’t mean anything not until election day when Filipinos will cast their vote.  So many things will happen and like the old adage says “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” (More Duterte story here

The Presidential Debate Performances

If you think of debates, many of you would view it something similar to debating contests held in many colleges and universities.  Well, sort of, the medium and form was there but the performances of all presidential candidates were not superlative.  It is either full of promises or littered with name calling.  They were not convincing when you talk of selling their presidential bid to Filipinos.  It was a matter of destroying each other.  That’s the reality.

Who Will It Be

Just for the record, the winner will become a president of the plurality not of the majority.  This is what happens when you have more than candidates.  The same situation happened when Fidel V Ramos was elected as president during 1992 election.  As of this writing, surveys showed Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte leading the results.  But, this is not the time to rest on laurels as there were many instances when some candidates lose the election despite winning the survey game.  Remember Miriam's story?  (Read related story here) 

With a little over two week prior to election day, supporters of Rodrigo Duterte should not be jubilant but instead to be vigilant as nothing is definite yet. If you are a basketball fan like many Filipinos do, you believed that the ball is round and Mar Roxas might perform a miracle.  He is the administration candidate and he has all the resources at his beck and call. (Read related story here)

You can still count in Jejomar Binay and you have to remember that he led the surveys before the formal campaign period.  There are just somethings wrong with his presidential campaign and who knows he might be able to discover his problems and might be able to do some magic tricks to win the election.  (Read related story here

It is indeed amazing to note that Grace Poe performed well in the surveys as she led it before Duterte took the lead.  With Pinoys penchant for drama and “fan mentality,” you will never know what will happen next.  She might be able to weave another drama with FPJ in the story.  (Read related story here

On Election Day

It is said that this election day is all about hope and change.  This is probably the reason why Duterte and Poe are struggling out for the lead and Binay and Roxas languishing at the tail end. Digong and Grace represent the kind of leadership Filipinos want and Mar and Jojo are the two reasons why there is a need for change. 

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