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5 Major Ways to Earn Money during School Vacation + 18 Bonus Summer Job Ideas

Now that the school year ended, it means that you are literally counting days again before the start of the regular allowance, and we’re talking about more than two months! If you want your summer vacation to be more purposeful and fruitful rather than to stay at home doing nothing or maybe wasting time with unproductive activities, take this opportunity to keep yourself busy and earn money.

Having a part time job is beneficial not only because it gives you the opportunity to earn, or you are helping your parents for the next school year’s expenses, but it is an effective eye-opening experience that teaches you the values of responsibility, ownership, integrity and hard work.

Here are 5 major ways for you to earn extra bucks that you can choose from depending on your skills and personality:

Virtual Jobs

Virtual Jobs are becoming so popular today not only because it is very convenient (home based), the pay is also very competitive; plus, it gives opportunities for undergraduates to work as a part-time virtual assistant which can extend even after summer school break. There are companies that are open to hire undergraduates (some require a minimum number of units) for seasonal or part-time jobs even without job experience.

The positions are usually  part-time administrative and clerical assistants, office staffs, encoders, graphic artists, web designers, online telemarketers, collection specialists, customer service representatives (inbound or outbound), Search Engine Optimization specialists and others. The work usually comes per project or per task with detailed job descriptions.

The work will require you to have a stable DSL connection, a working computer (laptop, desktop or netbook), a working headset (for inbound or outbound calls), an email account, Skype and other communication platform accounts (for internal communications), your own bank account for payment transfers, or Paypal account (if the pay will be sent through Paypal).

English Tutors/Teachers

Another way to earn money while you are conveniently at home is to become an Online English Teacher/Tutor.  There are several reputable companies that are hiring undergraduates who are qualified to teach English virtually to Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and Taiwanese across Asia.

Filipinos are known world-wide to have very commendable English communication skills, both in writing and in speaking. We have a neutral accent and good grammar and pronunciation skills which are qualities that are required to be qualified for this job.

Just like Virtual jobs, you need a stable DSL connection, a working computer (laptop, netbook, desktop) an ample storage of your computer as some companies require you to download platforms and software to use, a reliable headset, a noise-free environment when the tutorial session is on, some will require you to have a working web cam and a microphone in order to deliver lessons and also an active bank account or Paypal account for payment transfers.

Waiting Tables and Food Services

Summer time is also the season for restaurants and known fast food chains to open doors for part-time waiters/waitresses, restaurant bus staffs, bartenders, delivery boys, or service crews. Food service crews are to assist and cater to customers and help them with kitchen processes. These food service positions are generally entry-levels only and require a high school diploma or less.

You can check for jobs, usually posted beforehand along with the requirements and the schedules for interview. Usually these entry level works do not provide benefits (like SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth) although some does, so make sure you inquire about that.

Be an Entrepreneur

Enhance your entrepreneurial skills by starting a backyard business. There’s a wide-array of small time businesses that can be done at home to generate a decent income while the school is out.

The following are potential business ideas that require little amount or no capital that you can start right away:

Garage Sale

You can coordinate with your parents to gather all those pre-loved items (bags, shoes, clothes, toys and appliances), unused books, magazines, home decors and other household materials that are just lying in your house, accumulating dusts.

Organizing a garage sale is a good way of gaining additional storage space in your house. Also you’ll be greatly surprised that the items you no longer need are still useful to others, not to mention that you earned at the same time.

You have to advertise it a day or two before you start the garage sale so your neighbors will be prepared as well.

Cook, Cook, Cook

Food is very essential to man and one of the unique qualities of being a Filipino is-we so love to eat!

photo courtesy of recipes.pinoytownhall.com

With a minimum capital, you can prepare at least 3 viands for breakfast or lunch, cook a wide-array of our all-time favorite snacks like arroz caldo, ginataan, goto, sopas, turon, lumpia, banana cue, kamote, fries, bilo-bilo, maruja and many more or opt for the famous street foods as well  like fish ball, kikiam, isaw, kwek kwek, and others.

Make a rotation of what you will sell so your customers will not be tired, leaving them guessing day by day.

Sweet Treats

Aside from snacks, you can also dip your fingers into baking sweet goodies like cookies, brownies, cupcakes, breads and other pastries. In case you don’t have a microwave oven to bake, worry not because there are no-bake confectionery goodies that you can also prepare like refrigerated cookies, cakes, graham balls, tiramisu, brownies, etc. You can also make traditional sweet treats we love since we’re kids like polvoron, yema, and pastillas.

Quenchers and Iced Goodies
photo courtesy of blog.mangotours.com

Since the prickly heat is on, one delicious way to alleviate it is through cold quenchers and our favorite summer iced goodies. You can choose from selling the traditional iced candies though make it innovative this time by adding new flavors like mocha, vanilla, coffee, toffee,  banana-mango, coco-ube flavors and other mixes. Or you can also sell halo-halo,ice scramble, fresh fruit shakes and smoothies, banana con yelo, mais con yelo, coffee jelly, home-made Popsicles, and our favorite palamig.

Accessories and Blings

Another business that you can start with a little capital is through handicrafts. If you have a knack for creating accessories like bracelets, cell phone blings, key chains, necklaces, dangling earrings and other charms or household decors, then this is a great option for you.
photo courtesy of www. trinketsinbloom.com

You can buy affordable beads and embellishments then convert them into beautiful, wearable accessories and decorations and then sell them to your neighborhood or advertise it online for orders.

You can also accept customized orders to make every item a unique piece of art. Designing and creating accessories is fun because the ideas are unlimited!

Offer Services

Another way to earn money is to render services. You can start at home by asking your parents if you can render basic services for a fee like doing the laundry, fixing a broken faucet, or to take out the trash.

Here is also a list of summer job ideas in rendering services:

18 Bonus Summer Job Ideas

These are other options that you might want to try:

photo courtesy of jumbonote.com.au

  1. Babysitting is a classic money-making service.
  2. You can also do lawn-mowing and tending your neighbors' backyards.
  3. Walking and grooming your neighbor’s dogs is also a good business.
  4. House cleaning services.
  5. Car wash services.
  6. You can offer manicure and pedicure services if you are good with nail grooming. Nail art is still in demand!
  7. If you are into arts and photography, then you can do impromptu sketching and painting or do photo shoots for a fee. Advertise it in advance so your neighbors and the whole area will know. A lot of parents may enroll their kids with art lessons so you can also start offering basic art and photography lessons for a fee.
  8. Tutorial services are also an in-demand part-time job during summer. So if you are good with Math, English, Science, Filipino and others, then you can tutor kids in your area and be paid.
  9. If you are good with dancing, offer dance lessons!
  10. Music lessons. Another way to earn money is to teach kids music lessons. If you have a talent in playing your guitar, or some other musical instruments, then use that talent to earn.
  11. Invest with spa products and offer Spa Services. You can also provide home-based massages, facials, hot oil, foot spa, hand spa and other wellness activities.
  12. If you are a sports enthusiast/buff, then use that advantage to organize a lesson for a fee for basketball, volleyball, swimming and other sports that you excel in.
  13. Love baking? Earn extra bucks as well by teaching kids basic baking lessons.
  14. If you are a beauty buff, you can also offer makeup and beauty tutorials for a fee.
  15. If you are techie and you want to earn out of it, then start a home-based  summer business by offering lessons for Basic Photoshop, Basic Adobe Acrobat lessons, Graphic Designs Tutorials, Web Designs and other software application tutorials that are in-demand these days.
  16. Part-time construction services is another option
  17. Writing, proofreading and editing services are also perfect means to earn.
  18. You can also run errands for the elderly in your area for a fee.

Actually, there's a lot more out there but these are jobs that you can begin with during your summer vacation that requires little or no capital at all.  With the choices mentioned above, you can pick some that you think you can do well. Make sure that when you start it, do it excellently!

Part-time jobs help you learn life lessons to prepare you as early as possible about the value money. There’s no such thing as easy money. Money doesn’t grow on trees. In order for you to have such, you really have to work hard to earn it. Laziness is not a trend, it never will.

So go out there and make this summer a very special one by being accountable and start earning!

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