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Honda BRV – a Quick Guide to the Drive by

The latest sensation by Honda, the new BRV 2016, is all set to make its debut on the Philippine soil through MIAS 2016. The drive brought a whirl in the automotive world when it first leaked the teaser image of BRV and the global launch at the GIIAS 2015 worked like a promotional platform for the brand where it did not have to make any efforts to fetch those whooping booking numbers for this crossover. 

Honda BRV

Honda BRV recently marked its attendance at the 37th Bangkok International Motor Show and the Philippines is the next country where it is imprinting its name. However, the 7-seater crossover has nothing much to call 'new' but looks like the unique concept is making money for the company. Check out what's making people go crazy about the upcoming Honda BRV and the manufacturer so threatening among the contemporaries.

Honda BRV

Trusted Platform

While the manufacturer has revealed the specs and details of the Honda BRV, it is now loud and clear that the crossover is moreover an amalgamation of the best compacts by the Japanese giant which has wisely used the assets and created this concept. The platform on which the new 7-seater is based has also been borrowed from its siblings – Brio and Mobilio. Both these vehicles are performance-centric and stand a good reputation in the auto market and this looks like a good reason to encourage the manufacturer to plot it in new BRV 2016. The well-trusted 1.5-litre engine under Honda BRV ensures to deliver 120 PS of power at 6600 rpm and 145 N.m of torque at 4600 rpm. Adding more to this performance package is the Earth Dream Technology which enhances the swiftness and efficiency of the car.

Peppy Styling

If you are anywhere impressed with the styling of Brio, the new BRV 2016 will surely suit your taste. The crisp strikes and peppy design is surely among the reasons of popularity for Honda Brio and Honda BRV is running on the same lane. While the front looks fresh and suitable for a crossover, the sides carry high resemblance with the Brio which goes both in for and against the manufacturer. Since Honda is known for its striking styling, nobody can expect plagiarism from this brand but guess, even the manufacturer couldn't resist repeating the well appreciated vivacious styling of Honda Brio.

Captivating Cabin

The captivating interior of Honda BRV is indeed a big reason for its popularity. It would be fair to mention that the manufacturer showed bare minimum creativity in this segment but intelligently plotted the cabin layout of Honda Jazz in this 7-seater. Obviously, this strategy is working perfectly which is evident with the rocket high sales in all the countries it has been launched till now. The aspects, seat upholstery and even the trim, all have that appeal which can entice any customer looking for a compact family cross with decent features. Credits to Honda Jazz!

Honda BRV

To Conclude

By now, you must have got a clear idea about the efforts Honda has given while creating new BRV 2016. Surely, the concept of bringing a 7-seater in crossover format is unique and with the most trusted brand and latest technology, this car becomes applause worthy. Though we have not mentioned about the safety, it doesn't mean anywhere that Honda has been lenient on this front. Honda BRV carries all the signature Honda safety aspects to ensure peace of mind while travelling in this crossover. With no direct competitors in the country as of now and a price tag starting at Php 800,000, the new BRV may hack the MPV and SUV share in the Philippines automotive market.

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