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Electric Toothbrush – Types, Pros, and Cons

Electric Toothbrush
Personal hygiene is paramount. Whether you are a toddler still figuring out how to brush your teeth properly or someone in your 1980's, your dental hygiene must remain an important part of your daily routines. With the changing features of toothbrushes, it is no longer surprising that electric toothbrushes will soon change the way we view dental health.

The first electric toothbrushes were made available on the market at the onset of the 21st century. In 2008, several toothbrush brands also plunged into the market of electric toothbrushes.  Dentists highly recommend the use of electric toothbrushes due to better cleaning capabilities as compared to manually brushing out teeth.

Three Types of Electric Toothbrushes

1.    Oscillating – rotating electric toothbrushes. These are considered the ‘simplest’ of all electric toothbrushes. The mechanical movement or the scrubbing action of the head goes side-to-side or up-and–down.
2.    Sonic electric toothbrushes. Users of this type can feel the intense vibration of this electric toothbrush. The movement also enables the toothpaste to sink in between teeth.
3.    Ultrasonic electric toothbrush. This makes use of a unique technology in cleaning your teeth. Technically, there is no brushing involved. The head of the toothbrush is placed on the teeth as it creates a sea of sound waves every minute.  With the use of these sound waves, the nano bubble-type of toothpaste gets to penetrate right into the gums and teeth.

Pros of Using Electric Toothbrush

•    There is no pressure on the teeth and gum. It allows cleaning that is easy on the enamel.
•    Using electric toothbrushes also allow thorough cleaning as users can allow equal amount on time per quadrant of teeth to ensure equal cleaning.
•    It is a good choice for kids. As they find it difficult to brush long, using a mechanical system can be of big help to them.
•    Users of an electric toothbrush are also exposed to the lesser risk of gingivitis and other gum diseases. As this tool gets to clean the hard-to-reach areas better, users benefit from healthier gums.
•    It also helps eliminate or resolve bad breath. One of the main causes of bad breath is the presence of food substance that gets stuck in between teeth. These foods facilitate bacteria growth which causes bad odor in the mouth.
•    It also lets people save money in the long term. Dental treatments are one of the most expensive.

Cons of Using Electric Toothbrush

•    Needless to say, they can be up to 5 to 10 times more expensive that regular toothbrush.
•    They are not portable. They are battery-operated and need to be charged before you can use them.
•    As with regular toothbrush, they need to be replaced every 3-6 months

The Final Verdict

The question now is – are electric toothbrushes a must-have? YES.  They may be more expensive than regular toothbrushes but they also offer long term benefits.  We cannot discount the importance of dental health. So setting the financial aspect aside, the use of electric toothbrush is highly recommended.

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