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2GB Free for Google Drive by Completing Your Security Settings

2GB Free for Google Drive

Complete your security settings for Google and receive free 2GB for your Google Drive in observance of the Safer Internet Day 2016 (February 9). 

You need to be logged in to your Gmail in order to complete the process. It will only involve several details which include the following:

  • Recovery information - a phone number and email other than your own Gmail acccount
  • Check connected devices and see if there's anything suspicious such as an unknown or unrecognized device logged on using your account
  • Account permissions - these are websites and apps you've authorized to use your Google information for login and other purposes
  • 2-Step verification process - these are phone numbers where the login text code is sent whenever you sign in to your account through a new or unsaved browser/device

Visit this page to complete your Google account's security settings;

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