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Wish I May by Alden Richards Album Review

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Philippine showbiz is loaded with talented individuals in the same manner that it is also full of struggling and incompetent talents. However, very often, it seems that the two categories are only separated by thin lines. As such, there are talented performers doing inane things as dictated by powers that be and non-performers are made to act like competent performers even though the obvious is otherwise. This is what happens with Alden Richards in this Extended Play (EP) album - Wish I May. A competent performer shoved to people as very talented performer but the result proved to be the opposite. 

What is obviously wrong in this album is that he was made to perform cover versions of popular hit songs.  In the end, his incapability to deliver was very obvious, musically and artistically.  The songs were poorly selected and the producers did not consider his vocal limitations.  While there is an attempt to make believe that the songs were owned by Alden, it did not happen.  The production aspect of the tracks still retained mostly the original tone and vibe of the songs concerned.  Alden Richards is a competent singer and the record producer should have opted to make him record original compositions suited for his vocal abilities.

Yes, there are two original compositions in this record and it proved that he should stick to original songs instead of cover versions so that he will not suffer in comparison. What is good in this record is that it includes a minus one or instrumental version of the songs Alden performed; thus, fans and karaoke lovers will have a grand time singing along to his version of “Thinking Out Loud,” God Gave Me You,” and “How Great Is Our God.”  For #AlDub fans, this album is a treat but if you are looking for serious musical artistry, better avoid this record.  

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