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10 Ways to Beat Last Minute Shopping for the Holidays

You can’t help but do Christmas shopping at the last minute.  This will still happen despite your years of preparation as there are factors which you cannot control.  For example, some employees will only receive their financial windfall at the last minute also.  In some cases, other people do not have the luxury of time to shop and it is only during the legal and approved national holidays (December 24 and 25) when everyone can freely shop around for gifts for family members and important friends or relatives.  And unfortunately, these are the days when shops and malls are full of people. So instead of enjoying shopping, you end up embracing lots of negative emotions when you shop during holiday rush hours. 

Actually, you do not have to suffer such issues and possible untoward experiences as there are still initiatives that you can do to complete your shopping lists.  Here are some suggestions:

1.    First, be open for possibilities as your list might undergo a lot of changes since convenience is the order of the day and no longer about finding the right gifts for everyone. Accept the reality that malls and department stores should be avoided and instead look somewhere else.

2.    Your first alternative is to look for gifts in your nearby public market.  You might not realize that there are several specialty stores inside the market such as arts and crafts items for example. You can also walk along the sidewalk and check on slippers and RTW items in many sidewalk stores and stalls.  Always remember that the malls do not have exclusivity when it comes to style and design.

3.    Consider pharmacy and hardware as another alternative source for gifts or presents.  Some people might appreciate it when you give them a box of multi-vitamins with iron or three pieces of door locks as they will treat the gift a manifestation that you really care for them.  Indeed, there are other places to do last minute shopping aside from the usual malls and departments stores.

4.    If you cannot help and insist that the mall is just the only place for gift shopping, why do the shopping when the receiver can shop for himself? Thus, why not give them gift certificates or gift cards instead?  This suggestion answers a lot of problems when it comes to rush gift shopping such as falling in line at the cashier’s booth and at the gift wrapping counter. 

5.    If you have a credit card, online shopping is one of the best ways to beat holiday shopping and only shop in online stores that offer free gift wrapping.  Not only is this option very convenient, you also save money on gift wrapping.  Of course, you need to specifically put the receivers name on the “deliver to” portion of your online transaction. 

6.    One of the perils of last minute shopping is going over the budget.  With that, you have to check your holiday shopping list twice.  And to do this, you have to resist the urge to buy the perfect gifts.  In the first place, there is no such thing as one and many people will always find faults with the gifts that they receive. When you don’t have the urge to find the ideal gift, you become open to possibilities and you end up considering alternative establishments to do last minute gift shopping.

7.    Instead of helping people accumulate clutter through useless gifts, why not consider movie passes, concert tickets, beauty and spa certificates, prepaid cellular loads, and amusement park tickets for example.  You give family or friends something to look forward to with your gifts.

8.    Do your shopping two weeks after the holiday instead.  It will still have the same meaning and offer excitement to the receiver.  Gift giving is an all year round tradition and you will be in for big savings when you avoid the holiday rush and defer your gift giving activity weeks after the holiday.

9.    Consider giving home-made foods as Christmas gifts.  Food never fails and it is one of the things that people need most during the holidays.  It is also a good sight when your holiday dinner or table is loaded with delicious food. 

10. They say that talent wins in many instances; thus, you can go personal by giving them artworks coming from you or create handicrafts especially for your family and friends.  You do not have to do last minute shopping with this strategy as you can begin doing it months before the holidays and hide it away until you are ready to give these things to people very dear to you. 

Indeed, you can say goodbye to stress and unwarranted pressure brought about by last minute shopping with these tips!

image credit: michel's photostream/Flickr

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