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Velvet Friends Cat Cafe Philippines

I was ecstatic when I first heard that they were several cat cafes within Metro Manila. I decided to visit at least one soon. So when three shops were featured in GMA News TV 11's Pop Talk show, we dropped by the nearest one - Velvet Friends Cat Cafe in Pasay City. 

This branch is located within Blue Bay Walk, which now has a park by the way but that merits another post. 

It was late afternoon when we dropped by on a weekday, so there weren't that much visitors at the time. Right by the door, we were greeted by these three cute cats encased in a glass shelf. We found out later that these were brought by customers but had to leave them there momentarily while they visit the room where Velvet Friends keep their own cats. Outsider cats are not allowed to mingle with the store's featured pets. 

This is the shelf top where the cats above were temporarily kept while their owners sip coffee and played with the resident feline gang.

These are the baked goodies available in the shop to perfectly pair with your coffee drink. Coffee is served separately from the bill when you interact with the cats. Entrance fee is 290 for one hour of stay inside the cat enclosure complimented with one free cold drink. You will also need to wear socks prior to entry. You can buy socks at the store. 

I decided to watch the cats first before asking for my latte to be served while my husband sipped the complimentary milk shake drink outside the cat's room.

There were several cats inside with around 20 different breeds including Persian cats, Siamese cats, British shorthair, Sphynx cat, Cornish rex, and others which I don't recognize. My favorite is the white Maine Coon which appears to be the biggest amongst all cats present. According to the caretaker, this cat will still grow and hasn't reached full maturity yet. All cats are less than two years old. 

Most of them were napping at that time. Some allowed themselves to be petted but most are hesitant to entertain strangers and shied away. There were very playful ones though which happily played with light beams and other toys. 

Check out their photos below: 

Their room was designed well, allowing each cat to have their own space for sleeping and playing. I particularly liked the overhead sleeping spaces. It is comparable with an upper section of a two-deck bed. 

The glass wall also offered  a good view of the Blue Bay park below. There were also enough seats to accommodate several coffee lovers from singles to pairs and even groups. 

I enjoyed my coffee after less than an hour inside the cat room. I didn't want to stay when other guests already left. All visitors will need to clean with an alcogel prior to and after entry. You will also be able to remove all cat hair through a special adhesive brush afterwards.

Look! The cat foam design is cute! 

Lastly, I recorded a short clip during the time when the cats were playing. You can watch the video below. And no, although I have tattoos, the tattooed lady captured within the vid is not me. And no again, I don't know her name nor have her number. ;P

Velvet Friends Cat Cafe
AddressUnit 218, Cluster H, Blue Bay Walk, EDSA corner Macapagal Blvd., Metro Park Area CBD, Pasay, Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 334 5608
Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM from Sunday to Thursday and 11 AM to 11 PM during Friday and Saturday
Like them on Facebook at

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