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Local Earthquake Preparedness Seminar in the Philippines

With all recent talks about "The Big One," a predicted earthquake which is feared to possibly cause an unprecedented number of casualties and damage to property particularly in Metro Manila; countless cities all over the metro, including ParaƱaque, had been conducting Earthquake Preparedness Seminars at their respective barangays. Drills were conducted in schools, barrio halls, and even in villages. 

One of the local residents in our village, who had just actually recently moved in, had contacted the Paranaque City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (see www.facebook.com/pquecdrrmo) for assistance in order to facilitate the seminar. She was very much concerned with safety during earthquake and other calamities or natural disasters because her sister is a social worker.

The drill was actually held last September but I only got the chance to post it now. Regardless of the time frame, everything discussed during the event is timeless and is applicable anytime; not only for the Big One or earthquakes but for any other emergency situations. 

Here are some photos during the free mandatory seminar: 

Most of the topics covered are also mentioned in the images below:

Although the topics are applicable in general, there were also concerns which should be discussed in specific villages, barangays, or compounds such as the following:
  • delegating emergency personnel for specific tasks (like leading, coordinating, etc.) other than local officials, guards, and the like; anyone working in healthcare and security or those who are knowledgeable when it comes to first aid can volunteer
  • choosing a meetup point where everyone can gather (certain areas were chosen for our village)
  • food, water, and other supplies distribution (where to get these in case your own supplies run out)
  • communicating with the outside world in case roads in your location is blocked 
  • mass evacuation if need be (in our case, the Villamor airport in Pasay is the closest); this varies per location but airports and sea port docks are the ideal place to be
  • all other preparations within your family (like where to meetup in case one is at work or elsewhere and how long is the waiting time before leaving the house, and so on)
In case you'd like to organize a similar earthquake drill or seminar in your location, you may contact the local disaster preparedness unit in your city or municipality. 

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