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Blue Bay Walk Metropolitan Park (Photos)

I'm surprised to see how much Blue Bay Walk had changed after only a year or so after trying out Food Club Manila. While the original Blue Wave Mac bar is no longer there, an eco-friendly Metropolitan Park in the city now took it's place. And a new shopping location will soon rise in the area too! 

Here are some photos from the place: 

This is a speaker pretending to be a rock or vice-versa. :) 

The moment I saw an overview of this park, I immediately thought of BGC (Bonifacio Global City) in Taguig. BGC similarly aims to merge nature with the city. 

We dropped by on a week day but there were families passing the time within the park. 

The park is located ideally around condominium and other residential buildings nearby; most are still under construction though.  

There were college students practicing a routine for a school club most likely. See group of teens on the far right. 

One of the condo buildings being built around Metropolitan Park. 

Blue Bay Walk is surrounded by numerous stores for shopping and dining. 

The lush green grass is perfect for picnics. 

If only this KitKat bench is real, I'd take a bite! 

It looks like a real KitKat bar!

The area is also an ideal location for jogging. It's not as crowded as other places where joggers flock in Metro Manila (see Top Ten Best Jogging Places in Metro Manila); if you prefer to jog with not much eyes on you. 

If you need a walk, it's a good place to visit as well. 

You can just be seated in clean green grass all over the park too. 

There were teens playing football that afternoon when we accidentally dropped by. 

Here's a view from the second floor, right at the cat enclosure for Velvet Friends Cat Cafe

This is a good overview of the park from the cat cafe. 

I'd love to sit by a bench around the area reading books!

It's almost dusk and the view is even more spectacular at night. 

Blue Bay Walk is located at EDSA extension corner Macapagal Boulevard, Bay Area CBD, Pasay City.

See for more details. 

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