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15 Benefits of using a Menstrual Cup Philippines

We use countless products and eat numerous types of food that cause more damage than add nutritional value to our body. Fast food, junk food, deodorant, toothpaste, tissue paper, shampoo--all these are chemically processed and, although very minimal, cause a bad effect to our health. And if you eat or use them a lot, they can really be damaging.

For women, one horrific product we use regularly are pads. I’ve been a user since I was 14 years old. I used a tampon or two during special occasions when I turned 25. I’ve had some health conditions related to and possibly caused by these products. But I had no choice. When that time of the month comes, I have to use them.

But as we become more aware of the health hazards caused by pads and tampons, women experts have since been trying to find the best solution to lessen the chances of experiencing its effects. These products, although indirectly, may contribute to conditions like Toxic Shock Syndrome, Cervical Cancer, Urinary Tract Infection, and other smelly vaginal conditions.

credit: www.facebook.com/MamaBabyLove

Three months ago, I came across the term menstrual cup. Intrigued and curious, I looked it up and immediately got interested. After a few research and debate, I ordered, I fell in love, and have never used a pad since.

What is a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups are a medical or food grade elastic material shaped into a cup that you position to safely and temporarily hold your (cover your ears, boys) monthly period. Most, if not all of it, is manufactured in Germany but there are already several other brands. Single ladies, no worries. It does not damage the thin, fleshy tissue that stretches across part of the opening of the vagina called the hymen. So you can relax now.

If you know how to use a tampon, you’ll have an easy transition using the menstrual cup. If not, it’s going to be a little more tricky for you. But it’ll all be worth it.

What does a menstrual cup do?

As I said, I fell in love. And it’s because I found a lot of benefits from replacing my old pad, which I really hated using because it doesn’t even keep me away from leaks, despite all the advertisements on TV. What are the benefits? Let me count them for you.

1. Helps you go GREEN one step further.

Since it is reusable, you don’t have anything to throw away. You just have to sterilize it before and after your period, wash it with soap and water before replacing each time and you’re all set! That means, you don’t have wet, blood-filled pads to dump into the trash. You'll have less toxic and bloody cotton-slash-recycled-paper with dangerous chemicals in your garbage because you won't have to use them! Good job, Earth hero!

2. Save on shopping.

I used to forget buying my stock of pads. Now, it's one less thing I need to spend for every month. Imagine that Php50 (or more depending on the brand you use) saved each month that you can spend to treat yourself or leave in your bank account to actually save it.

3. One cup can last 10 years.

Not only will you NOT have to buy pads or tampons every month but the next time you buy a menstrual cup is after 5 to 10 years! Talk about more savings right there! If you buy Php50 of pad every month, that’s Php600 a year. And in 10 years, it’ll be Php6,000. What if you spent more on expensive pads that also caused vaginal conditions that bring you to the doctor? Costly, right? When I bought a menstrual cup, I saved Php5,000!

4. Get to know yourself more.

It's a part of your body that (I’m 99.9% sure) you haven't actually seen and maneuvering yourself into positioning the cup will give you a chance to know your own skin.

5. Adds an ounce of confidence.

With pads, I was restricted by fear and doubt. I can’t move on a heavy flow day. When I started using the menstrual cup, I was able to workout worry-free, sleep soundly, and just simply walk around confidently. I’m no longer afraid of leaks and stains.

6. Holds more than your old buddy.

Constant checking your behind for possible stain hints? Those days are gone with one menstrual cup. Depending on heaviness of flow, a menstrual cup can hold about 28 grams of liquid, which is 5 times more than a pad could.

7. Lets you work longer hours.

Obstetricians say we need to replace pads every 2 hours. Admit it. When have you actually changed a pad after just 2 hours? That’s when we start to get problems and we don’t know it. But with a menstrual cup, you can keep it there for 12 hours on a slow flow day. What can you do in 12 hours? A lot! And you don’t have to worry about getting infections.

8. Gets rid of menstrual cramps.

Countless and endless testimonials have shown that using menstrual cups help reduce, if not entirely get rid of, cramps and headaches simply because they haven't used chemical-filled recycled papers in the most delicate and sensitive part of their body.

9. Easy after practice.

I've only been using it for three months and I admit, at first it was challenging. I watched tutorials on YouTube, read blogs and articles and tried it all myself. Now, after just three months, I'm in and out the bathroom as fast as I have to pee. Easy-breezy!

10. Keep everyone clueless.

No one will know until you tell them you have your period. You can go to the bathroom without a pad or tampon. You won't have to borrow one from a friend. You won't have to check and change every now and then.

11. You can FORGET your period.

I literally went through my entire day without thinking of my period! Enough said.

12. No need for "baon."

I hate bringing pads with me in bag simply because, no matter how I safely hide it, all the coins and dirt in my bag seem to find their way inside the pad! When I go on long distance travels, I've always brought pads with me because "emergencies happen when you least expect” and “the store never has what you need the most.” Now, with the menstrual cup, I only have to pack one thing: my menstrual cup.

13. Master the Kegel.

You'll learn to exercise your vaginal muscles because it makes it easier to position in there and pull out.

14. One cup for all your flows.

For heavy flows, you worry of possible stains when you have thin pads on. With cups, you just need to change sooner. I discovered on the first month that for my early, heavy flow days, I have to replace every 4 to 6. But on regular days, it’s really 12 hours, and it’s not even full! It’ll make you wonder why pads still leak.

15. Learn to invest.

It's an average of Php1000 per cup (depending on the design you prefer) plus shipping fee of about 150-250 nationwide. It's an investment for your health and comfort. I don't know what pad or tampon brand you may be using. I'm sure you can do the numbers.

It’s not yet available in local stores, so you can search for trusted online shops. I bought mine from Mama.Baby.Love so choose a cup design that you think is best for you and order.

Most of us are afraid of change and are comfortable with how things are, but change could lead to new and great things. On the first try, maybe there will be a slightly sore feeling on your vaginal wall because you’re not used to it but on the second month, you won’t even feel a thing and your cup would have adjusted already.

There are now countless YouTube video tutorials, blogs and articles telling you why to make the switch. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if you will try it out. I still hope you do.

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