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Online Shopping Hacks for Discerning Shoppers to get the Best Deals

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E-commerce is taking off in Asia, and an increasing number of consumers are shopping online mainly because of the convenience that online shopping offers. Furthermore, as shopping through the web gains traction, online retailers are also handing out promotions to draw more online sales.

Therefore, for the prudent online shopper to gain the most deals from this development, here are a few shopping hacks to help you along the way of getting the best prices. Most importantly, always remember that you’re the customer, so play tough. You don’t have sale quotas to meet, but the company you’re shopping with probably does. Leave them hanging for a little and they will probably come back to you on a bended, virtual knee.

The main purpose of these hacks is to help you get the best deals there are online and help you on the road to greatness, so kickback, relax, and go get the best deals there are!

Order in bulk to save shipping costs

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Shipping costs from American/European countries to the Philippines can often cost more than the things you have ordered. Therefore, to counteract the shipping costs, try to buy more in a go, and rope in more friends to share a cart with you so you can all share the standard shipping costs, much like sharing the price of a taxi ride.

So gather a few friends (who live in the Philippines too) and get your purchases delivered to the same address, then you can bond with your friends while separating what each of you have bought.

Be a loyal member of your favorite brands

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If you are a loyal supporter of a certain online retailer, don’t be afraid to show it; follow them on social media.  Sign up for newsletters and take part in all the different events that they have. Be a loyalty member— go ahead, because they might very well reward you with exclusive discounts, or details with a flash sale or an extra special promo code that might just set you ahead of everyone else.

Who knows, there just might even be an online closed-door sale for the store’s loyal customers! So don’t be afraid of showing off your loyalty—companies love to extend their goodwill to you too!

Play hard to get

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Sometimes, when you leave things in your cart for some time, the online retailers would become more desperate and send you an email— sometimes offering you even better discounts to tempt you into checking out your cart. Remember the sales quota mentioned earlier? Yes! Some online merchants just need to drive those sales numbers!

Even if they sent you an email without offering you some discount, they would be pleading for you to get in touch with them, to tell them where they’ve went wrong, so just drop them an email and try to negotiate for some discounts with them.

Good things (deals) come to those who ask

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Some online retailers have a live chat feature to answer all your queries. Most people just ignore this feature, so stand out and use this feature to get even greater discounts. Ask the person on the other end of the live chat for more deals, and more often than not, they might just be able to tell you exclusive deals not listed on the site that others may not know about.

Otherwise, you can also ask them when the next great sale is, so you can set an alarm on your calendar to get your hands warmed up—because when it comes to a hot sale, it often is fastest fingers first!

Know when to shop

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Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are often the most popular days for merchants to roll out and offer sales and discounts. One can only guess the rationale behind this odd move (slow sales days, perhaps?) but why question it? The duty of shoppers is to just make full use of any sale! So do check out your favorite international online stores—or those in the Philippines— later in the week just to make sure you are not missing out on anything you dearly desire.

Search for coupon codes

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Sometimes, directly searching for discount codes will yield rewarding results. Some sites like RetailMeNot have an updated selection of coupons ready for anyone who cares to search for them. Take note, though, that there are also a few sites which will provide fake codes, so try to stick to the more legitimate sites to save your time and effort.

Use cashback sites

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Some sites—the most popular of which is ShopBack Philippines—offer cashback on your various purchases. Too good to be true? You better believe because it is true! These sites give you your cash back on top of the discounts you enjoy when you shop through their site at a partner merchant site.

Furthermore, these sites, if dedicated to serving your need for sales, might also collate some promotional codes from their partner merchants for you, so be sure to explore those sites well to uncover the secrets within!

Charmaine is a (window) shopping enthusiast who buys things only if they are cheap enough.

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