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What to Do in Senado Square Macau

If you are in Macau and dying to see its magnificent Portuguese influence, then Senado Square is the perfect place for you. This amazing place showcases the beauty of the old meets new theme that is famous in Macau. So if you are going to Senado Square, here are some things for you to do.

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Visit St. Dominic Church

One of the highlights in Senado Square is visiting St. Dominic Church (Sto. Domingo). You wouldn’t miss it because it is the yellow building just right in the heart of the place. If you walk inside, you can see the marvelous altar infront with beautiful statues of Mary and Jesus on the side. Last week when I visited the church with my mom, it was covered with green plastic due to a series of renovations. But last year I saw the grandeur of Sto. Domingo Church and it is breathtaking in its yellow glow.

St. Dominic Church Senado Square Macau
St. Dominic Church

St. Dominic Church

St. Dominic Church

Go Up the St. Paul Ruins

Just north of the Senado Square, you can explore the St. Paul Ruins (Ruinas de S. Paulo). This is a famous landmark in Macau which used to be St. Paul College and Church of St Paul (Mater Dei). Today, the facade of the said complex is the only structure standing. Amazing architectural wonder at its finest!

St. Paul Ruins Senado Square Macau
St. Paul Ruins
St. Paul Ruins by night
St. Paul Ruins

Eat with Your Heart's Content

Around Senado Square, you can find Macanese (Macau- Portuguese Fusion), Chinese, and Portuguese restaurants. There are also several food shops which offer Chinese street foods as well as sumptuous biscuits and tarts. There is also a McDonalds around if you want fast food. You'll also notice that there are numerous Koi Kei Bakery in Senado Square. This famous bakery is where you can buy Macau delicacies like egg tart, cookies, candies and even beef jerky. What's great about this bakery is that there are sample plates for every delicacy so you can taste them before buying. Senado Square is truly a haven for foodies like me.

Koi Kei Bakery Senado Square Macau
Koi Kei Bakery
Beef Jerky
Koi Kei bakery products
Portuguese Egg Tart
Shop till You Drop

Another amazing activity in Senado Square is shopping. The building around the square is full of stores from clothing and shoes to beauty products, high end boutiques and much more. You can see famous stores like Sasa, Nine West, Giordano, Manning’s and many more. So if you are in Senado Square, do not forget to bring more Patacas or your credit cards in case you want to shop till you drop here.

Shops in Senado Sqaure
Shops in Senado Square
Shops in Senado Square

Explore other Sights in Senado Square 

There are other sites  you can visit in Senado Square. Just east of the square, you can go to Macau Cathedral. And if you are lucky, you can hear mass there. Last year when I visited Macau, I got the chance to go to mass in the cathedral. 

Another wonderful place to visit in Senado square is the Macau Museum just east of St. Paul Ruins. If you are a history buff, then this place is a must see for yourself. Also, take a picture of its remarkable fountain at the front as well as a walk in the wave patterned mosaic of colored stones all over the square.

around Senado Square
Fountain in Senado Square Macau
the Fountain in Senado Square
around Senado Square
around Senado Square

So there you go! These are some of the things you can do in the great Senado Square. So if you are going to Macau, I recommend that you visit Senado Square. Trust me you will be amazed!

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