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A First Timer at the Asia Food Expo 2015

While the Asia Food Expo or AFEX had been the longest running exhibit in the Philippines for the food and beverage industry, it was my first time to see it. The AFEX 2015 was held last September 9 - 12, 2015 at the World Trade Center. 

Asia Food Expo 2015

Initially, I wanted to drop by for the food. Sadly, there was only a limited area allotted for food stores. I was still able to bring home some good deals though such as a pack of pork siomai with 60 pieces for only 110 pesos from David's Fusion International Inc. It was the delicious and can be comparable with what commercial brands offer. 

I also got a jar of a Taiwan made herbal drink. The lady who seemed to own the shop was having a hard time explaining about her product. She gave us a free bottle of ginger powder though. Her teen daughter can speak Filipino. 

These baked goodies below (QQ donut, QQ bread, and steam bread) were also worth the try. All three of them were delicious after we sampled each so we had to bring home at least one from each. 

The durian ice cream isn't exactly worth trying after the first attempt. I'll charge that to experience though. :)

Other food on display include Italian gelato, British coffee and tea, more baked goods, and so much more. We also saw a sample van from Miguelito's fried ice cream. 

The rest of the show area is dedicated for food manufacturing companies offering machinery and equipment which are used for medium to large scale food production. I thought no one would buy such but there were several machines marked as sold. 

I just had to take a video of an impressive machine:

Since the ambiance is mostly business, this explains why it is required to wear business attire or at least work casual. I was concerned by the fee though. The website www.afex.com.ph clearly indicates that the entrance fee is 100 pesos but when we paid, it was 200. Even the guy who paid before us asked about it and even requested for a receipt. But they didn't give any. 

Anyway, that was the least of my concerns. I enjoyed the food (specially the free samples) and the new WTC location. I still remember another food exhibit I attended years ago at the old venue. 

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