Behind the "Oh-So-Many Faces" of Wally Bayola Through AlDub Kalye-Serye: Of Second Chance and Moving On -

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Behind the "Oh-So-Many Faces" of Wally Bayola Through AlDub Kalye-Serye: Of Second Chance and Moving On

The #AlDubMaiDenHeaven is definitely unstoppable and its influence was felt even in social media breaking records with over 3.5M tweets. Alden Richards tagged as Pambansang Bae and MaineYaya Dub” Mendoza expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all their ALDUBNation supporters because of the phenomenal success of their love team in their respective Twitter accounts.

Eat Bulaga, the longest running noontime show in the Philippines, still is undisputed when it comes to deliverance and in surprising their audience. According to GMA News Online TAPE is the production company behind Eat Bulaga, which has seen record ratings because of its kalye-serye featuring the tandem”.

Last August 22, 2015  alone, Eat Bulaga got 39% rating which was conducted by AGB Nielsen, a far cry from their rival show.

The Kalye-serye #KiligPaMore is a Filipino drama parody which is a segment of Juan for All, All for Juan of Eat Bulaga and is considered to be the  first ever in the Philippines and many audiences might not know but it really is an on-the-spot thing with live improvisations.

With the new twists and characters being added to the story, Kalye-serye proved to be a huge success both in broadcast and social media.

Amidst the overwhelming success of the AlDubMaiDenHeaven that features Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and Alden Richards dub smashing their feelings for each other through split screen, one of the characters that has to be created in the show’s tremendous breakthrough is played by comedian-host Wally Bayola.

Bayola is a creative genius, playing multiple, significant roles in the story.  He is very effective being the celebrated antagonist known as Lola Nidora making the kalye serye more exciting and anticipating to watch due to Lola Nidora’s funny antics, hard challenges that she gives Alden and her words of wisdom against the ALDub!


Wally Bayola at the Height of the Video Scandal

It was September of 2013 when the controversial scandal video was leaked online and went viral that took Wally Bayola’s career into a downward spiral which caused him to take a leave for five months. Others even predicted that it was the end of his showbiz career.

On his interview last March, 2015 with Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Wally tearfully relayed how the scandal greatly affected him and his family. He has gone through a lot of pain, shame and guilt that he rarely leaves his room and went to the point that he had some suicidal thoughts.

Excerpted from Jessica Sohos’s interview last March 2, 2014:

“Gusto kong parusahan yung sarili ko, ayoko nang sumaya,” said Bayola.(I wanted to punish myself, I didn’t want to be happy).

Dumating yung, akala ko sa sine ko lang nakikita o sa telebisyon ko lang nakikita, yung tulala, na tumutulo lang yung luha, dinanas ko na totoo pala talaga na nangyayari yun. (It reached the point when, I thought it only happened in the movies or television, when you would just stare blankly, cry. I experienced that, I never thought it really happened in real life).

The scandal has shaken even their finances due to his showbiz absence, his savings has to be used especially that he has a daughter who has cancer and needs to be medically treated with chemotherapy and he is the only breadwinner of the family. The 41 year-old comedian is a family man who has 5 children and is married to a non-showbiz personality.

Because of the forgiveness and the support of his family and friends, Wally decided that it is about to move on and to brave out from the scandal that he has himself caught to. He experienced struggles to get himself back on track and is very thankful for the second chance that Eat Bulaga has given him.

Wally Bayola now at the Height of the Successful Kalye Serye

With his promise of redeeming himself and of doing his best to make sure that he deserves the second chance, Wally Bayola indeed was able to get out from his dark past.

His career definitely has an unexpected turnaround due to his great contribution to Kalyeserye’s success. He is very thankful for the acceptance and the forgiveness of the management and even the viewers of Eat Bulaga for their undaunting support to GMA’s Kalyeserye.

Wally Bayola’s outstanding performance evolving himself to multiple characters which started being the self-made quack doctor Dra. Dora de Explorer who provides prescriptions and concoctions out from a self-made medical booklet in Juan for All, All for Juan’s Problem-Solving portion.

He then later played Lola Nidora (Donya Nidora Esperanza Zobeyala vda. De Explorer) the main antagonist who is against the relationship of Yaya Dub and Alden. Lola Nidora’s character mimics the late comedian Babalu’s mannerisms with the way she talks and acts especially when she is stressed out.

Lola Nidora’s Words of Wisdom:

"Hindi sapat ang yaman para ibigin ang isang tao.
Ang pag-ibig ay nararamdaman, hindi binibili,
ipinaglalaban, iniingatan at ipinagkakaloob
sa tamang panahon." 

(Wealth/ Money is not enough to love someone. Love should be felt, and it cannot be bought; it should be fought, valued and given at the right time.)

Fan sign lang love na, text text lang, kayo na. Ano to?

Sa inyong lahat, masarap umibig. Masarap may inspirasyon, wag niyo lang minamadali!

The ALDUB fever even soared high when the character of Duhhrizz Maine de Explorer (still played by Wally) had just surfaced. Duhhrizz is Lola Nidora’s flirty granddaughter who is also against Yaya Dub as she has the crush on Alden.

From his (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interview last August 21, 2015  Wally Bayola was quoted:

“Parang yung chance na ibinigay sa akin, parang suklian ko naman nang hindi naman kayo magsisi na binigyan n’yo ako ng chance. I need to do my job very well,”

(“It’s like the second chance given to me, I intend to return it back in a way that viewers won’t have any regrets. I need to do my job very well.”)

Second Chance, Not Only for Wally…But it is for Everyone

Wally Bayola is incredible and he certainly has recovered from the scandal. His success did not happen overnight. The experience definitely had humbled him to the point of working hard not just to fix his marriage and mend his family’s relationship but also to regain the respect back.

The lesson here is that, we are mere mortals. We are not perfect.  We have our own weaknesses and shortcomings. It is our fallen nature to be limited with vulnerabilities and can easily be tempted. We all have our mistakes. We make stupid decisions in life sometimes and be blinded spot-on either due to an emotional impulse or because we were simply lured by our carnal instinct and the weakness of the flesh.

But the thing is, despite our shortcomings, we do deserve a second chance. Everybody does. Our mistakes shouldn’t be the yardstick to measure us. Your failure is not the summary of your life. It is a “going-through” stage and it will soon pass. What’s more important is that you learned from it, you have asked for forgiveness from the people who were affected, and above all, you have forgiven yourself. So move on.

Time and a leap of faith will help you big time to stand on your own again. Life goes on! There is a million reasons to live and a billion reasons more when you humble yourself and to brave out the storm by Divine Providence.

Image credit: Wikipedia, GMA Network

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