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Removing Facial Hair in Women

Too intense growth of hair on a woman's face can be due to hereditary factors, excess male hormones in the body, and prolonged use of hormonal contraceptive drug. The reason for this phenomenon may also be attributed to a lot of stress or any prolonged illness.

The growth of facial hair in women is often compounded by the following:
  •     during pregnancy
  •     puberty
  •     upon the occurrence of menopause

Methods of removing facial hair in women

There are effective ways to remove hair from the face of any women including the following:

  • electrolysis
  • laser hair removal

But these are relatively expensive procedures.

There are also home methods by which you can effectively remove facial hair with minimal financial cost.


Shaving is quite simple and is the most common method. However, the result of this procedure doesn't satisfies everyone because the shaving of facial hair split ends of hair, resulting in hair becoming thicker.

In addition, from the beginning of this procedure, which you will now have to perform every day, will start a chain reaction. The more your hair grows faster and the thicker they grow, the more it shows noticeably irritated skin.


More quite common is plucking rather than shaving. The latter is also not very efficient.

During plucking, the hair follicles are damaged and it causes irritation which results in the emergence of small scars on the skin and scarring. Like shaving, plucking provokes accelerated growth and thickening of hair, but this method of facial hair removal is effective.

Plucking can be used when there is a determinable small number of unwanted hairs and they are located at a considerable distance from each other. However, in this case, torn thin hair is replaced as a result of thicker.

However, if there is a choice only between plucking and shaving, plucking should be chosen although in this case, the facial hair still growing slowly.


A noticeably more effective method is waxing as this procedure is able to provide pulling hairs with bulb, which significantly slows their growth and still regrown hair is much thinner.

Special wax for cosmetics procedures are sold in stores in the form of tablets or wafers. This wax is melted, using sticks attached to the wax and is applied to the hair. After hardening, the wax is removed through a wax paper that is stripped away fast. 

To reduce pain treatments, the wax is applied to the hair in small separate strokes, and tear them off one by one. To prevent skin irritation, follow the procedure with the application of a moisturizer. You can also use baby cream.

The duration between waxing sessions are within one month.

Sugar hair removal 

Sugar hair removal in a similar method. Sugar is melted in a pot on the fire, which has a thick bottom, and then flat stick is applied to the facial area where the existing hair is located. After hardening, sugar is removed from the face.

The disadvantage of sugar and wax hair removal is that hair grows back after a while. 

Author: Iin Al-Qadri

Having hair on the face is something that spoils the appearance and make women less confident. RegrowHairNaturally.Org is a site that discusses all hair related issues including how to remove facial hair in women

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