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Book Review: My Maid Invests in the Stock Market

With all the investment scam issues hounding our nation these days, I do hope that Pinoys have learned their lesson well. There's no such thing as easy money; not unless you get involved in illegal activities. :) Hence, any investment company that's barely new yet promising to double your money or even earn you a percentage higher than what banks offer is most likely a scam.

If my guess is right, the investment companies in hot water recently are most likely actively and aggressively day trading in order to maximize the profits earned. Although this may become effective when it comes to earning money which can be used to pay investors, it's not safe. You can both possibly earn a lot or loose a lot too. And the problem is, it's not your money your gambling with but the investors. In this case, it's best to entrust your hard earned cash in experts who eat investing for breakfast. :)

Otherwise, the keyword shouldn't be "trading" but "investing" with the latter designed for a long term approach such as what Bo Sanchez had been promoting through their Truly Rich Club group and via various books such as the The Turtle Always Wins (How to Make Millions in the Stock Market) which I was able to read a few months back and now My Maid Invests in the Stock Market. 

My Maid Invests in the Stock Market

The book's main points can be summarized through 4 Important Rules:

Rule #1 Invest Small Amounts

The author suggests budgeting at least Php 2,000 every month with all other expenditures taken cared of. This amount should be segregated monthly and allotted for this purpose. 

Rule #2 Invest Even When There's a Crisis

Bro. Bo recommends investing regardless of the economy's status. Since their program is designed for long term investing, members are encouraged to continue adding funds regardless of the stock market's movements. 

Rule #3 Invest Only in Giants

Only major companies are invested upon. Penny stocks or companies that are yet to prove anything are avoided. 

Rule #4 Invest in Many Giants

Speaking of major companies, the book lists the following companies are their priority:
  • Ayala Land Inc. 
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Jollibee Food Corporation
  • Manila Water Co. Inc.
  • SM Prime Holdings Inc. 
  • Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
Diversify by investing in several companies that are financially doing well. 

To start investing, the book also outlines how you can begin through COL Financial. 

Although this is a good system in preparation for retirement, you can only reap the benefits after at least 20 years. In this case, a business is a better alternative if you prefer more immediate results. In relation to which, here are related posts you might want to read: 

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