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Top 10 Online Pinoy Showbiz Resources

When it comes to showbiz news, Filipinos are probably one of the people most avid fans.  Many Filipinos regard showbiz personalities with great esteem to the point that some fans even adore their movie idols the way they adore religious icons.  Before the age of the Internet, there were countless showbiz magazines that one can buy in magazine stands with an average price of P20.00 two to three decades ago.  Right now, it is easier to get hold of showbiz news as there are lots of free sites dealing with Pinoy showbiz.  

Here are the top 10 online Pinoy showbiz news sites that you can visit should you need to satiate your thirst or hunger on news about your favorite stars or just want to know more about showbiz scandals and other trending showbiz news. 

At the top of the list, and for sure this is not subject to arguments and debates, is the Philippine Entertainment Portal.  What makes this site different from other showbiz news portal is that the site has more professional look compared with others. In other words, if this is a physical magazine, this is the glossiest magazine of them all.  In terms of news, you can find everything about Pinoy showbiz in here. You want news about senior stars? You will find Nora and Vilma news here. If you want the latest news in showbiz, read it here and click on related stories.  The site also has hundreds of thought provoking stories, behind the scenes, and even opinion stories on trending and developing Filipino showbiz stories.

Entertainment Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

While you can say that showbiz stories of the Philippine Daily Inquirer is not as comprehensive like that of, its advantage is that it has well respected showbiz columnists in their turf; Nestor U Torre.  He doesn’t write about showbiz news but rather share his analytical point about showbiz, be it personality profile, events analysis, or career prognosis.  One might think that this section of only publishes serious showbiz stories, then you must take time to read their no names department and have fun trying to guess the personalities in the blind items.  Another aspect and the most fun portion of the site is the comment section of every showbiz stories it published.  You can read very interesting reactions ranging from serious to the dumbest ones.

Like, the online version of Philippine Star is a good source of showbiz news.  The best things on this site are:

  • Bullet showbiz news – in a matter of seconds, you know the latest showbiz happenings as the site always update their trending news in bullet form.
  • Ricky Lo’s column – he writes about trending Pinoy showbiz topics and at the same writes on showbiz profiles during weekends. 
  • Record Reviews – by Crispina Martinez – Belen is a good read if you want recommendations on the latest musical recordings from different local and foreign singers.
  • Boy Abunda – if you find his TV show time slot too late for your convenience, then his column is a good alternative if you want to know what went on its latest episode.


This site gained notoriety when it was accused as the source of leak ofthe final results of Asia’s Got Talent.  Apparently, the site owner was in the audience during the live recording of the grand finals telecast of the reality TV show.  This site is a must if you want showbiz news, TV ratings, rantings and ravings from fand Kapamilya news.  Yes, this site like any other showbiz portal for example, also publishes the latest weekly TV ratings both from Kantar and AGB Nielsen. Read the readers comments and enjoy their verbal tussle with each other claiming GMA-7 or ABS–CBN is the best TV station in the country.  However, if you have been following this site, you will notice that news items and stories here tend to skew more on ABS-CBN and majority of the commenters are Kapamilya fans.

Mykiru Isyusero

Don’t let the name fool you and think that this site is all about “kabaklaan (homosexuality).  The site is similar to Starmometer in terms of showbiz news and stories and even presentation. If you follow both sites, you might think that either site is a magnet site for each other. However, the site stories are not limited to showbiz personalities but also publishes sports personalities, beauty pageant news, fashion and modelling stories and personalities, Hollywood news, and viral stories.

Bandera Online

If your fetish for showbiz news is more on the vulgar side then, you should pay a visit to this site and read serious showbiz stories written as if it was a scandal.  Basically, showbiz news here are written not as news items but rather as part of a column of its showbiz columnists. Thus, you find the stories are peppered with opinions and often, it is very subjective.  Just the same, it is fun to read.  One more thing, if you are a fan of Cristy Fermin's exposes, not so blind items stories, and rantings on showbiz personalities, this is the place to be.  While she also write in Pinoy Parazzi, Remate, and other tabloids, it seems that it is in Bandera where her poison pen works best. 

Remate Online

Just like Bandera Online, showbiz stories here are more on the vulgar side and after reading the news, you will realize that you are reading a paid advertisement or promotional gimmick for a showbiz personality.  One of the best things about reading Pinoy showbiz news stories in here is that writers have uncanny way of connecting stories and personalities and you suddenly remember the blind items you read in and presto, the mystery is solved.


This is part of the triumvirate of the most popular tabloids in the Philippines.  Abante is also known for sex stories in its street version; however, the site is also a good source of showbiz stories and you will be enticed to read the news due to its screaming headlines.

Pinoy Parrazi

Sometimes, this online site gets hold of breaking showbiz or exclusive stories.  However, lately, it just merely re-echos what other online showbiz news are reporting.  In terms of treatment, this site can be likened to however, the latter has glossier site appearance but in terms of content, this site is more updated.  And, the site tend to favor scandalous stories as the blind items sits prominently on the site page and a little bit further down below you have trending stories where you can read the latest nip slip in the movie world. 


This is probably the most objective site when it comes to pinoy showbiz news.  While their showbiz headlines scream a scandal in the making, the stories are written as if it is one of the most important news in the world.  They treat showbiz news like investigative news. 

There you go, here are the sites that you need most when you are hungry and thirsty for showbiz news. 

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