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Running Through the Possibilities

It doesn’t seem to be good to get used to having something. Most of the time, we never want to be without it. We get addicted, in a way, because we grow an attitude when we have to go without the things we’re used to.

But, hey, we’re not toddlers with license to throw tantrums anymore. We may be small in size but after all the hardship we’ve been through–from school, family, and love–maturity should have infiltrated our being. We should be able to manage without this seeming addiction that we’ve learned not to live without. We certainly could not live this way–limited by our own useless desires–worldly desires.

Breaking the Barriers

Running Through the Possibilities

Why would we limit ourselves? Obviously, because exploring the possibilities is way out of our comfort zone. Simple, isn’t it? It might seem simple to say that it is out of our bed of roses but can you step out of that bed and walk right into stones of fire that easy? Funny, how challenging it is to break out of a shell we’ve been cocooned in for a long time; baby-sat by our own condition or feeling of pleasurable ease, well-being, and contentment.

When our tiny little shell starts to crack, it means it’s time for us to get out of it. We have to move out, look for a new place to grow out of again until that home is small for us–again. Because no matter how little we felt when we were born into this ginormous universe, we have potential to grow as big as it is–or at least big enough to own, conquer, and overcome some parts of it.

Journey with a Mission

We all exist for a purpose and merely living this short-spanned life doesn’t simply fulfill that. When the time comes that people we know and love would have to mark our tombstone, what would we want them to engrave? What would be our mark on their burning and aching hearts? What thought or memory would we leave in them by the time that our flesh and bones perish and lifelessly lying six feet under? What will they cry for about us? Will we like it? Will we have regrets?

You might say, “It’s too early for me to leave any mark on anyone. I still have to live a really, really looooooooooong life!” You may be right but we can never start too early to live our life to the fullest and affect people all around us, if not ourselves alone. At the end of our rope, can we confidently say that we have lived our life; that no matter how many times we go through it again, we won’t change one single thing?


At this point in my life, I’d say I don’t care about changing anything–yet. That so far, in my young twenty five years of living, breathing, and taking whatever this physical world throws at me, I’m happy and content at what I have become. Being happy is a choice. It’s a matter of perspective–how you see yourself.

I could not imagine myself as having too much self-pity at this day and age. I used to have exaggerated and self-indulgent pity, overflowing out of me during my college days–based only on my writing, of course. But I guess after growing older–yes, older and wiser, self-pity has left me and my healthy brain. I was shouting out loud and saying “Look, Mommy! No hands!”

Health is Worth Billions

But nobody is perfect, just perfectly healthy. That’s the best we, humans could ever get. And again, that is a choice. It’s up to us if we want to be perfectly, absolutely, and no doubt down right, healthy. And again, just like a lousy TVC model, I’m saying, “I choose to be healthy.”

You’d probably treat these words as meaningless, incoherent, and foolish speech. I warn you with great concern just like how you should read the warning on the wall in the fast food chain, “Do not leave your valuables unattended.” I’ve experienced first hand the unfortunate unending curse of helpless hospitalization. You will be more than willing to sell everything you own just to gain health. That’s one of the slap-in-the-face fact.

Love Life

Love Life

I’ve seen a movie with the now very thin and very married, Hillary Duff as executive producer and lead, According to Greta was the title and she listed ways on how to die! She is without a doubt, suicidal. She defies gravity in the other direction and the end result, ceased to seize opportunities that were sitting right in front of her death bed, including the possibility of love.

When you allow yourself and others who love you to be ruined because of your bitterness in life and against life, you’ve lost the war against your evil self: stress. Stress is highly LETHAL! We have to find a way to get rid of it unless we move up the mountains and hide behind trees and bushes. Since we choose not to live without stress, we choose to live dangerous lives–even worse than living at the edge of a road’s sharp curve.

The world has presented ways to relieve stress. I’ve tried some myself—meditation, medication, awareness therapies, talking with a friend, retail therapies, regular spa appointments, and what not. Only one has truly worked—praying. And as long as I do it without defeating the purpose of surrendering all my concerns and worries to an Eternal All Powerful Being, it never fails to work. Every. Single. Time.

The universe is too vast for all of the population of the world to fill. We could own and live in one entire galaxy if we wanted to! There is so much more places to explore and we’re getting stuck in one small part, you could literally consider a blue little dot made of dust particles.

But in this little blue dot made merely of dust particles, we have one lifetime to spend in, we have so much more to do! We will never run out of possibilities; never run out of a bucket list or paper to write your bucket list on. So write and make sure to cross out at least half of it when your 40 years old.

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