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Happiness in Fitness

It’s a cliché but there’s no better way of saying it—PREVENTION is always better than cure. Keep yourself fit and healthy even at your busy schedule. Make time to workout and tone your abs at the gym and consider it your ‘pamper-me-time’ instead of always shopping for clothes-bags-shoes or getting a massage-haircut-mani/pedi or going out on a date with your girlfriends at an expensive pizza parlor. There’s nothing awfully wrong about being a HEALTH BUFF. Trust me, it’ll give you a certain HIGH once you see improvement. PLUS…it gives you the best results for a longer period of time.

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Follow Through

One thing you should never forget: FOLLOW THROUGH. You can’t start working out, running on treadmills at the speed of light, carrying weights for a month and expect Greek-goddess-toned abs. Set your goal and time frame. Achieve it. Then, maintain what you have. Believe me, it feels better when you’ve got IT. There’s one less thing to STRESS about. But if you don’t have it, don’t stress yourself either! There are benefits of not having the Greek-goddess-toned abs.

The Real Meaning of Diet

Diet has always meant something entirely different to us girls. The truth is, we need to change our definition of it because right now when I say ‘I’m on a DIET,’ people think I’m eating only this much—starving myself to death—to drastically shed off 10 lbs. in a week. That is kuh-ray-zee (crazy)! Diet means eating the right amount of food at the right time of the day. At least, that’s what it means for me now. I’ve gone through A LOT of dieting. (I mean it when I say that.)

Avoid Meat

“Eat like an American, die like an American.” I have just learned that eating all kinds of meat is not only bad for the health but also bad for the environment. Four-legged animals produce more than half of Earth’s methane, which causes GLOBAL WARMING! Cows, and all other meat-filled creatures, are reproduced to be chopped and eaten have drastically increased, causing the methane level to increase; thus, GLOBAL WARMING. All animals have cholesterol and fat and consuming their meat will KILL you with cancer or heart disease—silently. All kinds of diseases are caused by the inclusion of animals into your diet! Yes, ALL diseases.

If I were to ban meat from my diet and turn vegetarian, I won’t really have to worry about my protein consumption. Almost all ‘carbo’ sources are also protein sources, like potato. Calcium from milk and all kinds of dairy is basically FAT! I’ve actually turned lacto-ovo-vegetarian, beginning today. Because no matter how much I exercise and stay fit, if I still ate the wrong food, I could still get cancer and die. And I don’t want that. I’m sure you don’t either.

Water is Life

Water is LIFE. Eight glasses is actually the minimum daily amount, according to experts. Water has oxygen and oxygen is essential in keeping your machine functioning. No, not coffee. W A T E R. Water intake should depend on your activity for that day. Drink more if you have a lot of activity today. You have to LOVE it. Buy a water bottle that you really love—buy one that’s a little more expensive if you must so that you’ll never leave it behind. You not only get enough water, you get to save on moolah and be Earth’s hero by not buying plastic, disposable bottles every time you feel thirsty. Keyword: REFILL.

Get Enough Sleep 

SLEEP for at least seven hours. Get more if you weren’t able to sleep well last night. Give yourself a break and rest from all the stress of the outside world. Get enough good sleep. You will always be cranky if you got too less or too much sleep—cranky and sleepy. People won’t like you. Don’t sleep when you have a lot in your mind or when you are too stressed out. Stop counting the hours LEFT for you to sleep! Get some fresh air. Workout! Go out and hang out with friends before going home. Talk to people about things other than what’s stressing you. Call your boyfriend. Play a good music that will put you to sleep. The truth is if you have a good health and peace of mind, it follows that you get good sleep.

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