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Food Feature: Pugon Roasted Asado at Lido

Here's another dining place to our long list of food places: Lido Cocina Tsina or Panciteria Lido. They serve their specialty dish pugon roasted asado pork and more. 

What is pugon? 

Pugon is a local Philippine stove made from dried and shaped clay used historically by Filipinos during the olden times. Pugon is made using the same principles used by potters making pots. 

Lido's History

Lido has an interesting past. I enjoy reading success stories of restaurants posted on their wall. 


The interior design inside is similarly interesting. 


But the most interesting part is of course the food! Their specialty dish, pugon roasted asado pork tasted like roast beef in some levels. And it was surely delicious! No wonder most tables served that night had this dish too. 

Other than the pugon roasted asado pork, I also enjoyed their dim sum, siomai and an appetizer, tokwa which was very crispy and crunchy indeed. 

For more information on Lido including their amazing background story, menu, store locations, franchise opportunities, and job openings, see

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