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PhilHealth Voluntary Member

A healthcare coverage is ideal for emergency medical expenses. But most providers in the Philippines are either costly or doesn't accept individual applicants (must be company provided). This is where PhilHealth or the Philippine Health Insurance can help. 

PhilHealth Voluntary Member

If you are employed, your monthly contributions are normally automatically deducted from your salary. A part of it is paid for by your employer. If it's your first job, your company's Human Resource department will assist you when it comes to applying for membership. You can also apply online or through a local PhilHealth office. 

PhilHealth Voluntary Member

But what if you are no longer associated with a company and have started your own business or have become a freelancer/independent contractor? What happens to your PhilHealth membership? What will you do about it?

If you have don't have cash to burn for unexpected medical expenditures, you should definitely continue contributing for PhilHealth coverage. All you need to do is visit any of their local offices and communicate your concern. You can then pay for the contribution on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis depending on your preference. 

Should you choose to pay through authorized payment centers, most of them can only accept monthly or quarterly payments. You may need to pay through an actual PhilHealth office if you prefer to pay for a year or longer. 

For more information about PhilHealth including benefits, a table of coverage included, regional offices nationwide, downloadable forms, and more, see

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