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Original Savory Chicken Experience: Pass or Fail?

So this is the chicken restaurant a lot of people celebrate about? That's what I first thought when we finally had the chance to drop by an Original Savory Chicken branch nearby (BF Lopez branch in Parañaque). I was excited because I will finally be able to try it. 

Original Savory Chicken

The place was packed that time because it was Mother's Day. We were still seated though and didn't have to wait. But while waiting for our orders to be served, I roamed around and took pictures. There were several picture perfect interior design items both inside and outside including the Hindu head below. 

Our drinks and halo-halo was served fast. Problem was, nothing followed after that. So what happened? 

I'm guessing that our orders may have been mixed up with other tables who ordered something similar, the Original Savory chicken, their best seller. The other dishes we ordered were soon served but only after strike three (three followups) and over an hour waiting. We cancelled the chicken dishes and asked the other dishes be packed for take out. 

I understand that it was a hectic day with customers coming in and out like every minute but after 3 or more tables had come and gone near us, I'd say our patience level is worth an award. We weren't the only ones complaining though. Before the halo-halo was served on our table, another party cancelled theirs which may explain why this dessert was immediately given. 

So much for the famous Original Savory chicken countless people loved. I have never posted anything negative about places I've been except for suggestions. Much as I'm tempted to make an exemption now, I'd rather just suggest for this restaurant to learn how to manage multiple orders faster and accommodate waiting guests better. 

It's a fail for now. 

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