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20 Amazing Waterfalls in the Philippines to Visit Before Summer Ends

© Rusty Ferguson via Creative Commons

It is the first week of May and Labor Day is past with its long weekend. While most of us have flocked to Aklan for “LaBoracay”, why not skip the crowds and the beach this year? Go on a different water adventure to these amazing waterfalls in the Philippines. You may not be tanning on the sand while sipping on a Malibu pineapple, but you get to jump off cliffs, swim in cool flowing waters, and enjoy lush forests. You will definitely feel closer to nature.

Alalum Falls in Bukidnon

Located in Barangay Kisolon in Sumilao, this 148 feet natural wonder can be easily accessed through the Sayre Highway. Actually, even the motorists driving by will get a treat of this wonderful view.

© Kleo Marlo Sialongo via Creative Commons

Asik-Asik Falls in Cotabato

Located in Alamado, what is interesting about the Asik-Asik Falls is that its water comes from a gap in the rocks instead of the usual river on top of a mountain. Even more interesting is the fact that this falls was discovered by mistake!

© Jpquidores via Wikimedia Commons

Casaroro Falls in Negros Oriental

Close to Dumaguete City – only 9.4 kilometers away – in the town of Valencia, this uniquely narrow waterfall is the perfect travel alternative to the more popular diving sites in the province.

© Ronnie via Flickr

Hagimit Falls in Davao del Sur

It is not only the Pearl Farm that Samal has to offer. Hagimit Falls is equally noteworthy with its turquoise-colored natural pool. It is not tall like the other falls, making jumping off it easier for the faint-hearted.

© Kaiser Mangampo via samalguide.com

Kaangrian Falls in Ilocos Norte

Getting to Kaangrian Falls in the town of Burgos is an adventure on its own. There are no signs and no obvious footpaths. Located in the middle of nowhere, this falls is worth going to because of its ethereal atmosphere.

© Kasthlin via dasocialclimber.com

Kabigan Falls in Ilocos Norte

You may only know Pagudpud for its white-sand beaches, but there are other beautiful attractions as well, including Kabigan Falls in Barangay Balaoi. The good news for non-hikers is that it is only 1.8 kilometers away from the National Highway.

© Handtell via Wikimedia Commons

Katibawan Falls in Camiguin

Thrill seekers will get what they are looking for in this 250 feet waterfall. Found on the foot of Mount Timpoong, its ice-cold water lies in a pool surrounded by moss-covered rocks and ground orchids.

© Bing Ramos via Wikimedia Commons

Kawasan Falls in Cebu

This may just be one of the most popular falls in this list. Found in the town of Badian, 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, cottages, tables, and even rafts are easily available for rent. There are also many restaurants around.

© Wikimedia Commons

Limunsudan Falls in Lanao del Norte

It is 87 feet. It is two-tiered. What more can you ask for from a natural wonder? Situated in Iligan City, this falls is believed to be one of the tallest and most beautiful in the Philippines.

© Floresa816 via Wikimedia Commons

Mag-Aso Falls in Negros Occidental

A two to three hour drive from Bacolod City, Mag-Aso Falls in Kabankalan City is so picturesque that most visitors stay overnight. Entrance fee is only PHP25.00 per person.

© Florenz Baylosis via florenztraveltips.blogspot.com

Maria Cristina Falls in Lanao del Norte

Maria Cristina Falls is well-known by Filipinos because of the myth behind it. The twin falls is said to be the flowing tears of Maria Cristina, the tragic daughter of a Sultan who fell in love with a prince, but was the object of a witch’s jealousy.

© Pquiampang via Wikimedia Commons

Mimbalot Falls in Lanao del Norte

It's another waterfall in Iligan City. The best way to see this majestic beauty is by zip-lining above it. Swimming here can be quite dangerous because of its rocks and the strong force of its waters. Nonetheless, it is good for pictures.

© Jeffrey Rilles via travelingmorion.com

Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna

This is one of the province’s oldest and most popular tourist attractions, frequented since the late 1800s. It can be reached two ways: via a short but exciting hike from Cavinti or via a canoe ride from Pagsanjan.

© GFHund via Wikimedia Commons

Seven Falls in South Cotabato

Seven Falls as its name implies, comprises of seven waterfalls. It is one of Lake Sebu’s main attractions, and the best way to see all seven is also by riding a zipline above it.

© I Travel Philippines via wayph.com

Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro

Only a jeepney ride from Puerto Galera’s White Beach, Tamaraw Falls consists of a series of small waterfalls cascading 423 feet down to a natural pool below. Entrance is only PHP20.00 per person.

© yeowatzup via Flickr

Tangadan Falls in La Union

Surfing spots are not the only reason to go to La Union. Located in the town of San Gabriel, Tangadan Falls is a 40 feet waterfall only 30 minutes away via tricycle. Celebrities who have visited the site are Ruffa Gutierrez and Mylene Dizon.

© via visitlaunion.wordpress.com

Tarangban Falls in Samar

Take a four kilometer trek from Calbayog city’s National Highway, and it will bring you to Tarangban Falls. One of the most majestic waterfalls in the Philippines, it leaves its visitors speechless and awestruck. Definitely a must-see!

© Harley Marcuap via akrosdayunibers.com

Tinago Falls in Lanao del Norte

Iligan City has 23 waterfalls and Tinago Falls is one of its finest. Its name means “hidden” because it is situated in a deep ravine. Trekking to the falls requires 500 descending steps, but it is well worth it for its blue lagoon.

© via Wikimedia Commons

Tinuy-An Falls in Surigao del Sur

The main tourist attraction of Bislig City, Tinuy-An Falls is said to be the widest waterfalls in the Philippines. It has three levels, and is considered as the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines”.

© HavenHost via Wikimedia Commons

Tumalog Falls in Cebu 

Aside from watching whale-sharks, one can visit Tumalog Falls in Oslob. Its atmosphere is enchanting where the water tends to sprinkle rather than forcefully fall. Its shallow pool also makes swimming here safe, even for children.

© Krzy Uz via krzyuz.com

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