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Retired Overseas Workers are a Motivation for Work

My husband's aunt who is a balikbayan from the U.S. had been working for 40 years as a hairstylist and is about to retire soon, expecting almost Php 200k in pension. 

Another aunt of his (actually his grandmother but prefers to be called aunt) had recently retired also and is receiving around Php 80k in monthly pension after working for about 2 decades cleaning houses in the U.K. 

His aunt from the U.S. who recently went home organized and financed a Ms. Gay pageant in her hometown, specifically their barangay in Alcala, PangasinanThe mini-stage was built about 2 decades ago during a local festival fundraising event and even had my husband's sister's name on it. 

Going back to the Ms. Gay contest, some of the photos are below:

I'm sure everyone knows someone who have worked abroad. What's amazing about these people is that they work hard and save a lot to support their families in the Philippines. Sadly, some of tthose they support are like Juan Tamad just waiting for padala monthly. Worst, some OFWs even retire penniless. So for all OFWs out there, there's nothing wrong with being generous specially towards your immediate family (and even extended one) but don't forget to save some for yourself.

I didn't finish the beauty contest but I later heard who won. During the pageant as I enjoy watching the candidates strut their way through the closed street turned mock runway, I kept glancing towards my husband's aunt and was inspired by how long she had worked and helped her family. And to be able to have fun and entertain everyone in your barangay with a pageant is worth the decades of work. I can only dream of doing such someday. But it at least motivates me to work. Okay, so back to work I go! :D

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