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My Milkshake at SM City Rosales

Make your own milkshake concoction through My Milkshake! 

There are several flavors you can choose from so you can pretty much make a combination of ingredients including fruits, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and of course milk. The complete menu is listed in the image below: 

I tried the all time favorite chocolate milkshake which has chocolate with the addition of milk and chocolate ice cream on top. The chocolate blend is overpowering but in a delicious way. It's perfect to ease the summer heat too!

However, I couldn't see any information about this brand online, not even a Facebook page listing branches or any other details. This specific stall is from SM City Rosales where another milk shake stall called How Cow Milk Shake Factory is also located. How Cow's milk shake deserves the name "milk shake" more. 

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