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HK Pinay Maids Sexual Relations with Employers (The Onion Skinned Filipinos Reacted Again)

It is not only Filipinos but basically all human beings in this planet have something to say in almost everything.  For Filipinos, this habit is manifested by our love for gossip and this is evident with the kind of TV shows and movies that we watch; mostly dramatic but not artistic.  Thus, it comes as no surprise that many Pinoys were gritting their teeth with the remark made by a Hong Kong lawmaker about Filipinas working as maids in this former British territory but also moonlighting as sex toys for their expat employers. We react sometimes without reason specially if we are convinced that our sensibilities as Filipinos were perceived to be attacked.  

Image credit: South China Morning Post

In a report published in South China Morning post, Regina Ip Lau, an Executive Councilor in Hong Kong voiced out that “Filipino maids are being turned into sexual resources for male foreigners."  The remark was made as she criticized media for biased reporting focusing only on the exploits and misdeeds of employers but not on the hidden aspect on relationships between employers and the maids and in her comment of foreign employers and Filipina maids in particular. What ignited the fire further is that she would not dare apologize for her remarks.

This prompted Filipinos to storm the Internet and damn her. Numerous Pinoys were angered with this Hong Kong lawmaker remark as it is specifically directed to a particular race.  The stirred emotions were rather ironic as many Filipinos are also racists. Mention the word Chinese and many will still think of the “beho” and "tsikwas” of long ago; terms that were no longer en vogue but at the back of Pinoys’ mind, these derogatory words and corresponding images still linger.  While the remarks of Ms. Lau were uncalled for, it can also serve as warning bells for her Filipino counterparts to launch an investigation on the veracity of Filipina maids sexually servicing their foreign employers.

Truth hurts and reality bites; we subject our fellow when we send them abroad to work for other citizens of the world.  They are open to all kinds of vulnerabilities and risk from sex to working beyond six, from fear to living without peer, from simple harm to dangerous war, and so on.  It is our lawmakers’ obligation to protect OFWs not only from the harsh words similar to what Regina Lau uttered but also from the claws of human exploitation other citizens of the world are capable of doing. 

Instead of attacking this Hong Kong lawmaker, Filipinos should launch an investigation team to prove Ms. Lau otherwise and sue her later for her remarks.  This should be the right way to put things in proper order with regards to her supposed racist remarks. 

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