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Have You Seen this Girl?

In a gay beauty pageant I've recently watched organized by my husband's balikbayan aunt, there were numerous candidates which caught my attention. I remember most of them through their code name only (a popular celebrity's name) so I missed their real name. Anyway, it won't be easy to remember more than 30 candidates names. :D 

Have you seen this girl?

Apparently, the lady in the picture is already a title holder of our town's gay beauty pageant. But of course, I also didn't know that! Geesh, where have I been?! 

Luckily, I was able to take photos. I posted photos of one of the candidates through a Facebook group for people who live or who had originated from the same home town. I was surprised that it generated a little bit of interest. But far better than that, I found out what her name is. And lo! She is amongst my Facebook friends and I didn't even know? I felt dumbfounded. :D 

Here's another beauty I took a photo of:

And here's the two of them almost side by side:

I didn't stay long enough to finish the pageant but I hope to watch more of such contests soon. :D

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