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Gerald Anderson Has a Gay Secret

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There are stories and there are other stories.  Just days ago, the Internet was raging with gay stories particularly about the Thai–German gay couple holding hands photo and that of a gay high school student asked by his straight guy best friend to be his prom date. This time, a popular local male celebrity joined the foray of what seemed to be the latest trend in gay moments at this point in time; being in a relationship.  Last April 23, 2015 the Facebook page of Ogie Diaz (popular TV showbiz news reporter) posted a video where Gerald Anderson proclaimed that he has a gay lover or “dyowa” in gay lingo. You can find the video on this link

Reactions were kind of mixed and skewed more towards the negative. Apparently, netizens were not charmed of this pronouncement as they were convinced that they were just taken for a ride by Gerald Anderson.  This is the kind of story where you will indeed find it difficult to accept as true.  It has all the elements of bad publicity trying to be passed on as biblical truth.  Why is this so?  The answer lies in the body language, where you would notice  Gerald’s awkward stance especially when he was requested to kiss the lips of his supposed gay lover and instead opted for a nose to nose moment.  What a crap!!! 

Watch the video of the alleged parody on YouTube via Pinoy Showbiz Latest channel:

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