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Christopher Sengseng: The Man with the Gravy is a Groovy

Christopher Sengseng KFC manager

The moment his photo went viral on Twitter last April 19, 2015, KFC employee and manager Christopher Sengseng made many people sing words of praises because he is just too good looking. Members of the female population were rattled and were not even discouraged to flirt online even though he is married.  And that brings me to the idea of bringing up something about extra marital affairs here in the Philippines.

Extra-marital affairs and adultery in the Philippines

Extra-marital affairs leading to adultery can be technically considered as a crime. Thus, “Pinoy Machoman” would say “Huwag pahuhuli at huwag aamin (don’t get caught and deny).”  According to many women I spoke with, the laws on adultery are still unfair to Filipino women despite changes in sexual infidelity laws in the country. So, to women who want to have an affair with this man with the gravy, here are some points to consider:

  • Adultery is for the wife to commit and concubinage is an act for the husband.
  • Proving that the wife has sexual intercourse with a man other than her husband is enough evidence for adultery.  In concubinage, it must be proven that the sexual intercourse occurred between a husband and another woman must be due to a scandalous situation or circumstances or when the husband kept the woman as mistress in a conjugal property or cohabited with the other women in another dwelling place. 
  • Penalty for adultery is higher than that of concubinage as the other women will be held “destierro” or banishment or ban on residing within 25 km radius from the accused and no imprisonment involved while adultery punishes the man involved and suffers the same penalty with that of the wife. 
With these in your mind ladies, it is alright to flirt but not to fight for this guy since he is already married and you are at the losing end. For you Mr. Sengseng, just spread the gravy to your wife and don’t act groovy with other women who isn't your wife but are more than willing to commit a crime with you. 

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