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Bai Marin Restaurant at Lisland Resort in Urdaneta City

Other than the resort, Lisland in Urdaneta City also boasts of a hotel and a restaurant, the Bai Marin. They offer local cuisine for dining. You can also order alcoholic drinks. 

I can't say much about the food because we only ordered coffee (because I was sleepy that time), beer and sisig (because we just came out from the pool). I wanted to try the fresh buko but too bad, nothing's left and they have to literally climb up a coconut tree first to get more. :D

there's more than meets the eye; extension at the right and the left

We chose the extended section which appears to be floating over a part of the pool. It was fun looking over the pool area. I even thought of jumping overboard but it was high and it might be forbidden to do so. :) And oh, there's free Wi-Fi by the way. 

For a complete list of the menu for the restaurant, see

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