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Outrigger Bar and Resto in Antipolo City

Outrigger Bar and Resto is one of several bars and restaurants along Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City which offer a spectacular view of the bright lights in Metro Manila at night from a hillside. See photos in this post Antipolo City Overlooking Metro Manila at Night.

Outrigger Bar and Resto in Antipolo City

Review of Outrigger Bar and Resto


To start with, it's the ambiance I instantly noticed. I started talking photos of Metro Manila from afar the moment we were seated in a roofed shed which can accommodate a group of 12 people. There was even extra entertainment through a fire dancer. My phone decided to shut down at that moment so I wasn't able to take a video. :( 


The menu consists of various types of dishes including appetizer, soup, meat dishes, grilled food, and even alcoholic drinks. We ordered crab and corn soup, chicken lollipop, buttered prawn, chili garlic chicken with Java rice and drinks. The chicken dishes are superb. The prawn, however, was a bit salty. Too bad, there was no grilled dishes due to the rain or we would have tried hito or catfish as well. 

Crab and Corn Soup

Chicken Lollipop and Buttered Prawn

Chili Garlic Chicken
Java Rice


The service was also great. Everyone working there was friendly, polite and accommodating. We were assisted at the parking, greeted right the entrance, and ushered to our shed. We were also served with every need and request throughout the entire course of the meal until we left. 

For more information on Outrigger Bar and Resto, see them on Facebook

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