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GNC 25G Lean Shake High Protein Shake

One major turn off with protein shakes is that stingy aftertaste. Most of them tastes like bad medicine. But not the GNC Lean Shake 25G High Protein Shake. 

GNC 25G Lean Shake High Protein Shake

I'd say this is the best tasting protein shake I've tried so far (and I've tried several brands). It comes with chocolate, strawberry, banana cream, and vanilla bean flavors. My favorite ones are the chocolate and strawberry variants. The only issue with these though is that they're costlier than other brands (Php 299 per bottle). 

But the cost will be worth it as each bottle can replace an entire meal or can work as a snack drink, helping you feel full for hours so you won't have that urge to gorge an enormous amount of food. :D 

I've mentioned how the GNC Lean Shake 25G High Protein Shake works as a weight loss drink in a previous post, see Practical Protein Related Weight Loss Plan (One Week Challenge).

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