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Breast Actives: Your Secret Breast Enhancement Solution

Many women and girls for that matter are very conscious when it comes to their breast. Many are not satisfied with its size; thus, a lot of them find ways in order improve its size and even appearance.  However, not all breast augmentation procedures become successful and with that, ladies out there are looking for a natural method to increase breast size.  When you say natural, of course it means that there is no surgery involved and many will surely ask how is it possible.  The answer is Breast Actives. 

Breast Actives

breast actives
This product is considered as an all natural breast enhancement supplement in the market.  It is not just a product but a program as well. Breast Actives is composed of a pill, a cream, and an exercise program which involves massage procedures.  The pills and cream was formulated by combining different kinds of herbs that are known to stimulate growing of tissues in the breast area. 

The program involves a three step procedure which are:

1.    Taking one tablet a day.
2.    Massaging the cream onto the breast daily during mornings.
3.    Following the recommended massage techniques, exercise routines, and diet program. 

When you follow these three steps consistently, you will surely get results.  As a word of advice though, it is also important to remind women out there that this is not a magic formula that you get results instantly; you have to give it time in order to see the result. 

breast actives

Breast Actives Product Ingredients

This breast enhancement supplement is made of natural ingredients which are known to have phyto-estrogen properties which help increase muscles in the breast.  The active ingredients in the pill are:

·         Fennel seed
·         Wild yam
·         Fenugreek
·         Dandelion
·         Kelp
·         Blessed Thistle
·         Watercress

You have to remember that each of these herbs do not only have estrogen elements but also have other benefits as well like detoxification and water retention properties.

The Breast Actives cream is formulated to achieve firmness of the skin in the breast. For the cream part of this breast enhancement regimen, these are the active ingredients and some have soothing and calming effect to the skin:

·         Red clover extract
·         Aloe vera
·         Shea butter
·         Borage oil

breast actives

How Does Breast Actives Work

The natural ingredients of the pill were combined and formulated in order to stimulate the body to produce more tissues as if it is still in the puberty age.  In the old days, the active ingredients were used to treat symptoms of hormonal imbalance; thus, the reason for including these ingredients in the product. 

The cream system of this product is geared towards making your body increase production of fatty tissues around the breast area and increase the length of the milk ducts so that breasts become fuller and bigger. 

Does Breast Actives Really Work?

From the time this breast enhancement supplement was introduced, it has provided results to many women out there.  Some of the popular benefits women received from this products are:

·         Many women avoided incurring stratospheric expenses of breast enhancement surgeries and other post surgical expenses.
·         Some women were elated as this product promotes natural looking shapes which ladies and girls cannot achieve with surgical procedures.
·         Because it is a natural procedure, women will not have to deal with scars and other post breast surgery effects and consequences such as surgeries gone wild and awry.
·         Because it only uses natural active ingredients, the risk of encountering breast cancer is zero.
·         No silicone implant, only massage and exercise as additional enhancement procedure; thus, there is no limit in terms of activity and body pressure one can accommodate.  Silicone implant has some restrictions and limitations in terms of physical activities. 
·         Regular use and following instructions of this breast enhancement regiment resulted to firmer breasts after 3 weeks of using, noticeably fuller breast after an average of 40 days, and in 3-4 months, there is an increase in bra size.

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How to Use Breast Actives

breast actives
The instructions to use this product are simple:

1.    Take 2 capsule every day; 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule before you go to sleep.
2.    Place a small amount of the accompanying cream on your finger tip and massage it onto the breast after you shower or take a bath every morning. 
3.    Store the cream in cool dry place or at 30Centigrade or 86Fahrenheit.
4.    Do not use excessively and keep it out of reach from children. 

Customer Testimonials

This is really a very helpful product for women who want to increase their breast size naturally.  This is why this product received numerous positive feedback from satisfied users such as:

·         Mariuch “Ladybug” ordered 6 months supply and was surprised that in less than three months her bra size increase from 36B to 36D.
·         Melissa was quite apprehensive at the start but after three weeks of using, she really noticed a big difference in the volume and firmness of her breast; gone now are the tell tale signs of breastfeeding a baby.
·         Stephanie who is a 40 year old mom, can’t believe that this product really worked for her; thus, she was glad that she avoided reconstructive surgery because of Breast Actives. 

If you want an effective breast enhancement product without subjecting your body to expensive and life threatening surgical procedures, find the right supplement and program you need. Breast Actives is a risk free product as it only uses natural ingredients to increase your breast size; thus, you experience no uncomfortable side effects.  One more thing, the results are permanent which is so unlikely with breast or reconstructive surgeries.  

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