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Things You Need to Know When in Singapore

I have visited Singapore three times already and every time, I still feel in awe of this wondrous place. And if you will be visiting Singapore anytime soon, here are things that you need to know.

Visa and Customs for Singapore

When you enter Singapore with a Philippine passport and will stay in Singapore less than 30 days for a vacation, then there is no need to apply for a visa. Just bring your passport with you. Make sure the expiration date of your passport is not less than 6 months to avoid any hassles. Bring your necessary papers in case the immigration officer needed more information like round-trip plane tickets, hotel vouchers in case you will be billeted in a hotel or a letter of invitation if you will stay with someone living in Singapore. The period of your stay granted can be found on the visa pass endorsement in your passport. Please be reminded that upon exit of their immigration counter, the immigration officer will give you a small white paper along with your passport. DO NOT LOSE THAT WHITE PAPER because you will need that again as you exit Singapore.

Also, to avoid customs penalties, do not bring cigarettes with you as you enter Singapore. You can also visit their web page for more information about their visa and custom policies.

Singaporean Dollar

Singaporean dollar is the currency of Singapore. If I go to Singapore, I just buy Singaporean dollars at the Philippine National Bank counter in NAIA 3. You can even bring your Philippine peso with you in Singapore if you do not have U.S. dollars since you can exchange it there through any currency exchange booths.

Singaporean Dollars $10 SGD
Singaporean Dollars $10 SGD

Weather at Singapore

This country is hot and humid all year round just like the Philippines with temperatures mostly reaching 30°C or even up. So do not forget to put on some sun block with you before going out. You can also experience rain at any time, usually torrential but brief so better bring with you an umbrella if you want to roam the city. The best clothing to bring are tee shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses that fit the hot weather.

Sunny Day in Singapore
Sunny Day in Singapore

Language in Singapore

Singaporeans can understand English so you won’t have a hard time conversing with them. Their language includes Mandarin Chinese, Malay or Tamil. Most Singaporeans used Singlish (Singaporean English) but you can still understand each other.

No Smoking Areas

Singapore is known for their anti-smoking campaign. If you are a smoker and in Singapore, you are not allowed to smoke in all air conditioned places. You can only smoke in some open air corners or areas duly designated for smokers like you.

Do Not Litter

Littering is a big no no in Singapore so better put that in mind because if caught, they will surely penalize you. Also, do not spit anywhere since they are very strict on their fight to keep their country clean. So when in Singapore, always look for a garbage can in case you have trash with you.

Drinking Water

Singapore is one the country who passed the World Health Organization standard in clean drinking water. So you can drink water straight from the tap. But if you want to drink from bottled water, you can buy them in stores all around Singapore.

Power Plug

In the Philippines, we use a different power plug from ones used in Singapore. The standard electrical current in Singapore is 220-240 volts. They use the three square prong plugs. For me, I always bring a three square prong plug every time I visit Singapore. In some hotels or hostels that I went to, you can borrow the standard Singapore plug in case you haven’t brought one.

Singaporean Culture 

When in Singapore always mind your manners and check your attitude. Since it has a different cultural background with the Philippines, always know their way of life before going.

Mostly, if you deal with older men or women, you can call them uncle and auntie. Singapore is centered on family and respect for elders so if you are on the bus, MTR or anywhere, always give a seat to the elderly, pregnant women and persons with disabilities. If you ride an escalator, please bear in mind that if you are not in a hurry and just want to stay put. While riding, situate yourself in the left corner on the escalator because the right corner are for those who are in a hurry and wants to walk up while riding.

Food in Singapore 

Singapore has vast choices of local delicacies and food. Since it's a melting pot of many races and people, you can have a variety of cuisine to choose from. If you want to really try their local cuisine go to hawker places since they offer a diversity of dishes. I tried to dine in Makansutra Gluttons bay. It is very delicious and cheap with a very beautiful view of Marina Bay Sands.

If you have quite a sensitive stomach always know your food first. My cousin he had a hard time with the chili food when we ate at an Indian restaurant in Universal Studio Singapore. So he ended up in the toilet most of the day, which is quite inconvenient if you want to roam the city. Also, bring a tissue with you since hawker centers do not give you tissue napkins.

Indian Dish @ Universal Studio Singapore
Indian Dish @ Universal Studio Singapore

Transportation in Singapore

The means of transportation in Singapore are very affordable as well as very accessible. Just buy an EZlink or Nets card and you can use it to ride their MTR, bus and even taxi cabs. Remember that Singapore is a right hand drive country so traffic flow is opposite with what we have in the Philippines. So, consistently look to your left and then to your right while you are crossing the street. Also, do not jaywalk in Singapore since there are a lot of CCTV cameras on the streets. Wait for the Walk sign to go green before crossing the street. If you are riding a bike, whenever you want to cross in the pedestrian, dismount on the bike and walk with the bike to avoid hitting someone.

Benjamin Franklin always say " Be civil to all, be social to many but be known to few." The world is so diversified and that is why it is so beautiful. We have different cultures, norms and way of life.  So to avoid being disrespectful and causing problems, know the do’s and don’ts when in Singapore.  


  1. One of the places that is on my bucket list! Thank you for sharing all the information, this is really helpful to all the travels. Its really true that Singapore is very caring to its nature. You can't just throw garbage anywhere, in that way I can say that Singaporean are very disciplined.

    Gracia AmorThe Blogger. xx

  2. I love Singapore and would love to visit again soon. Looking forward to dine in Makansutra Gluttons bay

  3. Also, prepare your feet for a lot of walk, MRT card, and learn to adapt with multi-cultured people. (e.g. learn how to use chopstick, etc.), local Chinese restaurant has no spare of spoon & fork. Learn or be discriminated.

  4. Planning to go to Singapore this month or next month. Thanks for the tips Maria! Perfect timing. Looking forward for more post :)

  5. Super love Singapore. It's so clean. Transportation system is very efficient, too!

  6. I've only been here once and your blog is a good read since I want to go back here again!

  7. I love Singapore! Been here twice and seems that the country always has something new to offer.


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