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The Advantages of Being an Entrepreneur

Some people wish to defy the odds and want to conquer the world of business. So if you are one of them, here are some of the pros if you want to jump into the entrepreneurship side.

You Are Your Own Boss

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If you are in the working world, there is a corporate hierarchy that you need to deal with as well as the fact that no matter what position you are in, you are still an employee. So if you start a business of your own, you will become your own boss. No one will give orders on what you need to do or say because you are the owner of your business. But like a boss, it comes with great responsibility. You are the sole proprietor of your own company, that is why for all the decisions you make – you take full responsibility about it. You become the captain of your own ship.

You Are in Control

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Since you are the owner, you are in complete control of the business. You can choose how to run your business according to your wants and likes. If you have ideas that you think can make your business a success, then you can really implement it without having the burden to get other people’s approval unlike in the working world. You are indeed in complete control – the fate of your business is definitely in your hands.

Unlimited Opportunity to Make Money

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As an entrepreneur, you will not be scrambling with a regular salary in a specific amount each month. You have the potential and the chance to earn more especially if you put hard work and follow the right strategies in your own business. How much money you earn depends on how you run your business so if you are running it correctly, then you will have an immense amount of income. This is one of the reasons why working people jump on the business side since they want to have more money than what they earn working.

You Can Tap Your Own Creativity

Every business starts with an idea. That is why, since it is your own business, it means this is your very own idea. Through that, you show your own creativity to make those solid idea into a great product or services. It is up to you on how you present, make and sell your product for it to conquer the competitive market. So in short, you are the brainchild of your business.

You Have the Flexibility of Time

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Since you are your own boss, you can work and be there physically whenever you like. You have the power to schedule your work load. This means that you have the ability to spend time with your families and friends, especially if your business is already running on its own. Unlike when you are in the working world, you need to file a leave for your son’s graduation or your daughter’s piano recital. Sometimes you are not even allowed to be absent especially if you have deadlines to meet.  But if you are an entrepreneur, your time is flexible, you can just go and be present during special milestones of your family’s life.

You Have the Freedom to do Things Your Way

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You are the captain of your ship that is why it is up to you to hold the steering wheel. Being an entrepreneur means you have the freedom to do the things you want for your business. You have the freedom on what to implement to make your business a success as well as the freedom to stay clear of things you do not want to do in your own business.


Being an entrepreneur is not boring. You have the ultimate high and sometimes the worst lows. To start having your own business is like having your own baby. You nurture it and spend ample amount of time for it to grow. That is why like a doting mother in your business, you are excited to make the world see your ideas and your products. Also, you deal with all types of people as you conduct your business. From the contractors, to suppliers, to your own employees, to government people you need to deal with for permits as well as your customer – you will definitely meet people from all walks of life. Trust me, it certainly is not boring to be an entrepreneur.

Great Learning Process

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As an entrepreneur, you will certainly learn the ropes of the business world. You will know how to deal with people, especially your customers. In my own experience as an entrepreneur, I meet different people in my small business. There are those who are friendly, silent, cranky and even angry. So as you encounter them in your own business, you will learn how to deal with them. You will also learn how to be extra diligent, hard working and patient because the success of your business depends on your attitude.

Rational Salary

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This means that the amount of income you have is directly related to the time, effort and attitude you invest in your business. So if you spend immense quality time, great effort and correct attitude in your business, your income will definitely be on the all time high. Unlike in the working world, even if you bleed blood or give up sleeping while working to meet your deadlines, your salary is still the same.

You Got to do Something You Love

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This is definitely one of the biggest advantages of being an entrepreneur. You can do business on what you are passionate about. Unlike if you are in the working world, your job is not necessarily the things you love to do. Sometimes you have to do this for financial reasons. But if you have a business of your own, you usually open a business on what you love doing. This makes you really happy because you are earning a living while doing the things you love.

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So now that you know the pros on being an entrepreneur, jump in the wagon towards the business world. I bid you good luck and be the best business person out there.

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