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Signs of the Worst Sports Classes and How to Choose the Right One for Kids

One of the signs that determine if your child is enjoying his or her sports classes is that you do not need to coax or goad them to attend succeeding classes.  It simply means that the child is no longer interested and one possible reason would be that your child had become a victim of bullying.  This is one of the worst case scenario that you will experience if you happen to enroll him or her in one of the worst sports classes ever.  Here are other ways to determine if you chose the wrong class:

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Signs for Worst Sports Classes

  1. One of the instructors is a teacher from hell.  Your child is terrified to go back to his or her class because their coach or teacher is fond of yelling at the students without considering that such students are still in toddler stage.  Yes, sometimes teachers need to assert their authority by shouting or yelling at the students but only if the students are teenagers or nearly adult.  Kids are easily prone to trauma when teacher yells and shouts frequently.
  2. There are lots of hidden problems inside the school such as:
    1. Mats are torn and itchy and metal bars are rusty.
    2. The roof is leaking when it rains.
    3. You see rats, ants, and cockroaches in many parts of the building; this is an indication that the school lacks in hygiene factors. 
    4. The coach does not encourage or remind toddlers, kids, or students to wear protective gears like wristbands and grips. 
    5. There are no fire extinguishers and yet the institution claims that they have the most secured facility. 
    6. There is only one security personnel and your kid tells you that the security personnel frequently sleeps while performing his job.
    7. Gates and entrances are not fully secured; thus, you see some kids loitering outside of the gymnastics facility.
    8. The ratio between students and teacher is quite wide; thus, the teacher cannot monitor all children under his or her responsibility; hence, some of them escape their attention and are outside of the gymnastics school perimeters.
    9. Students are not segregated well like no sectioning for different age levels or mastery levels.  Thus, instead of creating a friendly atmosphere, some kids feel pressure of trying to emulate those who are more skillful than them. 
    10. There is no improvement in your child with regards to abilities.  One possible reason is that the teacher is too lazy to teach and instead keep on repeating the same lessons over and over again.  
  3. The school you enrolled your kid has a history of security breach like one kid being kidnapped or the area has several incidence of riots over the years.  Note that these situations will not reflect on their promotional materials and they will focus only on the competency of the school. 
  4. The school is run like a fraternity. As such, kids are subjected to hazing like slapping their butts when they make mistakes or being punished when they cannot perform different activities properly.  To know if these things exist, you have to examine the entire body of kids and see if there are signs of abuse or be sensitive and talk to them immediately when you observe something is wrong like feeling on the verge of tears always or being quiet very often. 
  5. When you ask for references, the office manager is hesitant to give you one or you discover upon checking that the referred person is dead or has one hundred namesakes in the area; thus, making it difficult for you to conduct background check. 
  6. When you check their accreditation and affiliation, you receive negative feedback and you discover that the school has encountered several legal battles due to issues like refunds, wrong methods of disciplining the kids, frequent minor accidents, violations of fire and local security ordinances and so and so forth.
  7. When you ask feedback from other parents, they tell you negative things like one teacher is a drunkard, one coach smokes in front of students, or one instructor was rumored to have intentionally injured a student because of favoritism
  8. Kids are discouraged from expressing their wants and needs like going for a potty or requesting to stop for a while and drink milk.  It is good to instill discipline but it should be in a way that children will discover it or teachers should show what discipline is all about.
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How to Choose the Right Sports Classes

If you want to be assured that you have chosen an excellent class, you only have to do three things; research, make an ocular inspection, and survey for feedback. 

  • To research is to visit accrediting organizations and ask feedback about the school you are interested to enroll your children.  Find out about the integrity and  reputation of the school from an accrediting organization.
  • To conduct ocular inspection is important so you have first-hand experience on the truthfulness of the feedback you receive.  In addition, you can check the safety and security aspects of the facility. 
  • To survey for feedback is to get more information and this will relieve you of certain paranoia with regards to negative feedback you heard.  This will be a huge factor when you want to decide whether to enroll your child or not.  Remember that the more information you collate, the better.  Take note that you are endorsing your child and a few hours being away with him or her can result into many untoward incidents if you are not careful with choosing the right school for your kids. 
When you see these signs, it is time to remove your child and transfer to another school or club.  And this time, you have to do it right by following the above suggestions. 

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