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A Fantastic Fusion of Modern and Classic Sounds on Sundays at Cowboy Grill Las Piñas

Who would think that lazy Sundays can be cozy? It was at Cowboy Grill Las Piñas.

So after a short stint at the Alabang Town Center looking for specific toys (Sand and Floam) that sadly aren’t available at the Toys ‘R Us branch in ATC (maybe it’s just in the U.S. since the website where those toys are supposedly available at is for U.S. customers), we were heading home but pulled a stop for Cowboy Grill Las Piñas because it was by the road we were traversing going home.

I took photos of the banners outside while waiting for my husband to get cigarettes nearby. Too bad, it wasn’t a Thursday, I grinned. Why? The Mocha Girls performs on Thursdays. I saw them only once during the launching of Kojie San Men and it was an exhilarating show. See video below.

Inside, it’s the usual club vibe with dim lights and the waitress who ushered us to our seat was flashing a flashlight over our heads while we flip through the menu. I have to admit that aside from performing live bands, food is what I love next in bars. So we ordered an Angus beef pizza and cheese sticks with a bucket of mixed San Mig light. Good thing there was the Apple variant which I love.

The night had just begun and there were not much people inside when we came. But people slowly poured out of nowhere like mushrooms starting at 10PM onwards. The party also progressed as the night went on and music switched from classic songs to modern songs to DJ party mix through the bands Switchboard, XZEL, and DJ Ryan for the beats. XZEL reminded me of Moderato band (with 3 vocalists - 2 femme and 1 male? :) which is currently in hiatus. My husband and I enjoyed Switchboard because most of the songs they played are classic from the 70’s and 80’s with alternative rock from the 90’s but we also loved XZEL and their performance of current hits.

People inside consists of both young and old, even as old as 50 something year olds dancing to the tune of 70's disco hits being performed. Switchboard vocalists also went down from the stage to sing with guests. Many took the opportunity for a selfie or groupie with the vocalists. We left before the final band sets ended. We were utterly satisfied and were even fully awake despite both drinking a bucket each.

Party on! But when you do party, whether at this bar or elsewhere, don’t drink and drive okay?!

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